Summer Sunset Gradient Nail Art Design DIY

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Summer Nail Art.  I have another color me monthly manicure tutorial to share with you this time I am tackling one of my favorite types of nail her looks this is the gradient so I'm doing a tri color gradient today I love the color scheme on this it kind of reminds me of like a summer sunset so keep watching and you can learn how to do it yourself for this tutorial i am using my coloring monthly base coat lemon battery mango habanero and revelry i'm also going to be using my color monthly top coat so I'm going to start off with my clean natural nail and apply my base coat this is just going to help the polish it here to my nail.

And it's going to help it last longer next I'm going to apply one coat of white polish as my base and this is just going to help all those really bright colors pop on the nail now this next step is totally optional and no i'm not putting nail polish on my skin this is liquid latex so basically it just makes cleanup a lot easier when you're doing Messi nail art looks like gradients but you can also use tape or if you just want to put vaseline on your skin and then it'll rub off pretty easily but i'm going to use liquid latex so like i said in my last video this is just a new brand that i have been trying out so if you guys are interested in seeing a little update on that and maybe a comparison of the other liquid latex is that I have please let me know in the comments next I'm going to take a clean cosmetic sponge and i'm just going to start to apply my polishes on the edge starting with my bright yellow polish and i'm going to do a really thick stripe of that next I'm going to do it the same thing with my orange polish and I want the colors to slightly overlap and finally.

Summer Sunset Gradient Nail Art Design DIY

I am going to do again slightly overlapping with this beautiful pinkish red color with that nice saturated sponge i am going to start dabbing that on to my nail slightly moving up and down so plans nicely as you can see it's just not opaque enough after the first coat so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take that sponge again I'm going to reapply the polishes again slightly overlapping and I want them to be nice and saturated so they come off onto my now and then i'm going to just keep going keep dabbing it onto my nail until I pull away and it looks beautiful once i am happy with my gradient i am just going to peel off my life with latex or you can peel off your tape or whatever you're using and i'm going to apply my child coat and the top coat is actually going to help this gradient look even more seamless and just beautiful and that is it for this tutorial i hope you guys enjoyed it leave me a comment below letting me know what you think

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