OPI Neon Polish - DIY Princess Drag Marble Nail Art Design

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OPI Neon Polish . I was driving and I'm here with nameless and we are going to use the new OPI um true me on put a coat on it i'm starting with white true neon colors the green is called Green comes true it's a neon green the neon orange is called no doubt about it the neon purple is called a correct a mundo ok so I'm going to say that these these neon colors are not as bright as I thought they would be although they are charming in their own way so what they're what they r is there a little bit i'm starting with put it in neutral anyways um what they are is there a little bit past delhi and then I am finding with this no water marble that as they pull out that they turned into into pastel over neon but i'm going to try it another way later on today and see what happens so i'm starting with the white and I'm putting it on of course this is the most loveliest white because it's there to block out all of the also that the neons pop so it's a real nice coverage if you want a good white the covers I'm dotting over it with the with the orange and then the green.

I'm keeping them separate because the orange and the pink and the green turns to brown and I don't want that but the green can touch the blue and the pink and touch the blue sea so like that then do with my brush I shall start to swirl so I've seen that other people are doing this on plastic and using it and not is perfect for a for a quick manicure if you drag marble and on plastic and then put it on your nails it doesn't last a full two weeks and then you have to also watch out for air bubbles and make sure that your your nails are nice and dried out before you start so maybe put like a layer of distilled vinegar before you start one of those designs where you put it on plastic first if you don't know what I'm talking about I will make one for you anyways when they're done it will look like this and then i'll be ready to add glitter ok so now i'm going in with a little bit of black paint and i'm going to do some swirling and try and pop the colors out a little more because they're very pastel and this will give them just more fluidity.

OPI Neon Polish - DIY Princess Drag Marble Nail Art Design

I don't know i'm going to do that then I'm going to go back in with white and then highlight and fix all the areas that are a little bit and then i will meet you back when it's done I have one side done it's a little bit like this I'm each back ok so now with the white I'm going to go through she scuffed up one so I'm going to just kind of like there we go even it out then take the white paint fix the mistake then take the . the liner brush here we go . . . through and kind of just like lighten up and finish off all the lines that can use a little bit of both because what if you have if you're working with pastels or things that aren't real card full coverage you're going to have more areas that you have to fix up but at the same time when they are fixed up they become so multi-dimensional that when you top coat them they look really pretty and ethereal almost when I top coat this is almost look like Princess nails in a small way my lion they're kind of princessy and and sweet looking I mean even with the black and everything they they take on a certain look that is just what nameless we just too early there darling and they do they are for any season they're just fun so I'm doing that and when I'm finished it's look like it looks like this and how fun is that ok so i'll meet you back ok and here is the end result let me move some of this lighting out there we go so I hope you guys enjoy this this is fun

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