Opi Nail Polish - Top 10 OPI Polishes

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Opi Nail Polish. my top 10 OPI nail polishes I originally wanted a couple of years about two years ago and I really want to redo this serious about this idea I had to redo the series for a while and this is just kind of the first opportunity but I really had to sit down and really narrow down my top 10 OPI so let me tell you it was so hard picking just ted it was so hard but I really want every do all of my top ten programs like I wanted to redo my China Glaze my daughter asked to you I want to do my top 10 Kb show her I want to do something you know all of the brands so if you haven't heard by a brand that he'd like to see or let me know in the comments below.

I would love to film any requests that you guys have but as if I had 10 of those now I'm gonna try to do one of these videos per month so get those theories going to start off with OPI just because it's what might be very mainstream brands calling the mainstream round I have the most and it's the one that I still get really excited to see what they're gonna come out with an iPad app follow OPI foremost down the video oh my god it was so hard to do I should have watched I should have watched my top 10 ok I'll try telling that to all below to see if I'm picking the same colors or you know some of these are brand new but how did this as I literally just went up on my shelf by over here I was up there and that's only part of my ok collection but I want to myself and I kind of just I took down everything that I was like yeah yeah yeah and then after that I kind of just try to narrow it down interest super super long so I am going to get started my first college teenage dream and I love his obviously I love that for all of these but I want to apologize to rise because a lot of these are going to be limited edition hard to get you know expensive on ebay but these are my favorite opiates.

Opi Nail Polish - Top 10 OPI Polishes

And I really really really wish that OPI would make this shade permanent will all be shipped if they weren't but teenage dream especially so micro glitter and holographic larger pieces and it almost looks like their basement think its color into a very very very light pink jelly baby this is one of the very few polishes that I actually have a backup of I think I only have like fires exposure to my entire collection that I love so much that I own a backup and this is one of them and I'll actually I was struggling to get a decent manicure with the spotlight in and out so much I should probably throw this away and go for my backup but i just i cant seem to part with it it's very very sparkly but at the same time it's like girly its soft you can wear for any occasion I also use this as a later in college you can use this to share how far you can layer it over other polishes it is just ok owners of a battery died and I don't understand why they didn't make this permanent it is just so beautiful it's ok get red cups and I love this flood is mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and I have to say this is my favorite favorite favorite favorite now Polish name of all time I hope that's not necessarily the most unique there's a ton of other states like both the name is what drew me in original eight and then the colors just amazing so this convo collection actually have two polishes from the Chicago missus o'leary is the person who is rumored to have started the Great Chicago Fire well actually it was her how they kicked over a lantern airborne and maybe hate that hate go up but anyway she was rumored to start of the Great Chicago Fire mrs. O'Leary's BBQ and as the caller barbecue sauce but I think the Fed is just the most gifted and funny name like and the Pats play on words with the color like I absolutely love it.

I'm a big history nerd I a lot of people don't know that I was a double major in history with my other major I love American history will have all those derivatives alma mater but the name holy shot out of me and then it doesn't help that the color is it just beautiful to this is completely opaque into coat it does have a little bit of a dinner for me this is one of those policies that I would live and in the fall that I just can't get enough of the next home another 14 shelling continued you can get anymore but it's one of my favorite of all time and it survived cut caviar this came out of russia and this is the perfect like russian Red kind of a little bit darker a little bit more sultry and at the same time it is truly a read this is one of my first right now that I ever owned and I never actually loved because I first was getting into nail polish I was like black nails or almost black males all the time and I felt like crap was just so ordinary but this was one of the few red said I actually worn actually enjoyed this was completely opaque in two to three coats it's another one of those that are kind of formulas I'm not gonna say that jelly cuz it's not but it has like a little bit of a sheer quality to it but it's super super super glossy and just it's gorgeous and sexy and I love it but I is here today are gone tomorrow came out Spain collection and I bought this because there isn't I'm at that NARS zulu was like the most the hardest to get over everything and everyone had to get it was a super super super dark green jelly I know how to my collection but I wanted nice so bad I was a huge lobbying for me and I was hunting down colleges that would be similar and I picked up this one because it's a super super super dark green almost looks black iron else and so does look black it's not the same as it's not a jolly formulas I didn't like get that kind of satisfied that mean but this is one of my most of war nail polishes I don't like this it's super dark and it almost looks a little bit greedy like when you put the first coat out and looks like there's like the looks of dirty or like greedy and ass like these we have particles in the air and it's hard to describe why is she so pretty and unique deep and dark and it was just a few of my soul is your such a bitter past and I think this might be the most recent all of them came out what's your years ago we get this is the most recent most beautiful kind of purple periwinkle it's very hurtful but when you put an extra purples and looks very blue it is such a beautiful color perfect for spring just looks good everybody.

I know there's something about this I can't get enough of and this is one of my most warrant nail polishes for spring I wish I had a backup of this I might still get this this is probably at least a third not halfway call and and I hold myself back from wearing a little bit because I don't want to use it completely up of course completely opaque and three coats the next one you guys are based on Lincoln Park after dark hands down one of my favorite nail polishes of all time this is the one that I purchased more bottles of Lincoln Park after dark than any other polishing my entire collection this is my third and it's gone pretty much gone like I was scraping the outside to try to get the swatch that you guys are seeing in this video and I actually already have a backup of this way back how I myself if I don't know what to wear and I just wanted something up on my nails this is what I reach for I want something sexy this is what I want something maybe this is what every 24 I read this all year round like it doesn't matter to use it this last summer I wear them all winter I wear this all the time this is hands down to say hi to pick just one nail polish my entire collection that was my all-time favorite it would probably be this one just because I have gone through now three bottles of this and that's like impossible the only other Polish that I can say that about it I am one particular polish is just white I go to weight like crazy because I use it for nail art the base burglaries and I wear it a lot this summer but for a while polish to be repurchased that many higher is just perfect

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