No Water Needed - HOT DIY Neon Marble Flames nail art Tutorial

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Nail Art Tutorial. i'm here with evil client and we're going to do a neon fire design on black so I started this tutorial with booty shaker by bonita and you can buy that rite aid for a dollar fifty this is eclairs neon yellow and then i use the OPI true neons in pants on fire and a correct a mundo and i'm using black and white wet and wild like always and I have the first black layer laid down the second black layer I'm going to put on liberally then i will put a string of white on there then you're weak up put the pink boom put the orange boom put the yellow and then put the blue or purple whatever you want to call it on the end then with your brush a liner brush you can get this at robin moses brushes @

Pull up then go back down through the pink make sure you touch the black all the way down like this go like this and what it does is it kicks all the colors up from the White you take your finger and pull off your excess polish so that your nails dry fast and how you can tell if you've got enough polish off is when you look to the side if it's flat so when I looked at her side you see how her nail is flat it's not lumpy and bumpy that means that that's all them dry smooth as if i had painted for full coats so we're going to do one more this is just one coat of black now i'm going into the second code you want it liberal you don't want to waste too much time worrying about the cuticle area at this time you just want a liberal coat of black then a stripe of white.

No Water Needed - HOT DIY Neon Marble Flames nail art Tutorial

I got black on my white have peanut butter in my chocolate then you wipe that on your towel immediately get it off pink in fact I always wipe my towel immediately with every kind of color switch so it's just like so second nature to me I forget to tell you guys so here's that and then i'll let you see my towel in fact where's my correctamundo there she is ok there now with my brush pull up pull up pull up pull up then hit the black pull down hit the black and pull it down hit the black pull it down down down it fixes so many flaws so you don't have to really worry then you pull off the excess pull off excess okay i'm going to pull down cap the nail and then wipe underneath and that will make it as even as possible ok check the side and he loved the bumps nope nope nope and then you go on to the next one and i'll meet you back when I'm all done alright so i have some reflex read any kind of glitter that reflects would be perfect and I'm going into the areas where my cuticles are perfect and putting glitter over there covering all my mistakes and in flaws and imperfections and then only we know about them correct evil client right so oh I'm not even in film haha dang it why is wrong with me okay here we go we're going to try this again ok so i am using a flat bread and you can use any reflective glitter and what you do is you keep yourself in frame and then you put the glitter on the cuticle area and and draw it out and all of the imperfect areas in perfect areas and perfect them so i will do like a little drip of glitter here it comes down and I can do a little bitter right here and just highlight go over all the places that look a little fungai make them perfect and then if it's a little chunky kind of take it off you know just kind of follow your bliss and I didn't get this one on camera and I like maybe to put another little extra little line of glitter here and I'm just going to add glitter here and there where where it fits and where it looks nice and enhances the design ok I see that there's a big open area of pink right here.

I would highlight that right here with a little tiny bit of glitter just so it stays in par with the whole design and i'll meet you back alright so now i have the black polish out it's on my brush this is just broke the regular black wet and wild and I'm going through and I am tidying up all the lines and giving extra lines to the flames in a striped motion that make it hard sooo going to push just kind of pull down push pull down like that as you see the difference in the depth between these two and this one it just it just adds that little bit of extra pop now you don't have to add too many I might have added to me on that one but you mean you can have too many on one or two you know but just if you just want to add up to a stripe here and then pop this black so it's extra black and then go around and make this world a little bit thinner so it just looks that much more intricate than pop a little bit of black through here you see how that pops the whole design and makes it look like extra like fiery that's what you want and this to me putting the black in putting the black and the glitterin is the funnest part because they're it actually makes your design before it's up to the fates of how your design is going to swirl and stuff but you actually have control of what you want your movement to be with the black paint if that makes sense and if it doesn't you keep practicing on paper till it does ok ok so and it and even client can testify that I have paper everywhere with designs on it am i guess i do and i write them out and is organizing them everything everywhere I go I have a little something to draw on so there's that go around get the cuticles as good as possible while you're there and i will top coat this design is ok and here is the end result of the fire neon nails and i will show you with the backlight how they shine and then put them on different little things like that boom these are so pretty

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