♥♥ NEON CANDY Acrylic nails ♥♥ coffin ballerina shape

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NEON CANDY Acrylic nails . so today we are going to be doing this beautiful bright set which reminds me of like a little hundreds and thousands is one of sarah's go to mixes and we are going to be starting with this old set my client did by around cute but also just excuse they ok guys so i have already started with the nails completely prepped i have filed down the old design and I'm just going to go ahead and apply a thin layer just where the infill part is i'm just a thin layer of clear acrylic and then i'm going to go ahead and pick up the little mix and apply that even little over the nails .

So I always like to go ahead and make sure that my primer is wet before I apply my acrylic I just find that I get better adhesion that way and the system that I i'm using is NSI and this glitter is from Sarah's collection on ebay and i will link that down below I want link the actual glitter i'll just link her shop and you can browse through she's got a ton of different ones to look at they are all absolutely beautiful so hope you guys are having a great day or night whenever you are in the world and hope you are all like super happy and just enjoying life once i have applied all the glitter all over the nails I just go ahead and apply a clear layer of acrylic over just to make sure that we have cut the glitter and then we found share a little will stay in place

♥♥ NEON CANDY Acrylic nails ♥♥ coffin ballerina shape

And just the beautiful community that we are created I mean it's absolutely amazing so thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so so very much so once i have completely kept all of the nails I go ahead and file and because there wasn't a lot of filing to do today I just came in with my hand file and added all of the filing with that I didn't use my key file at all in this set and when you finally we just really want to make sure that you are sharpening and tidying up that shape blending in the cuticle area and always always check down all like views of the nail look from the free edge side walls . and clients now down look from the cue to call back from their view just look everywhere like all over to make sure that you have got it perfect is nothing worse than long pit bump nails and guys this is the final result

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