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Nail art polish walmart . combine you know I for the price and how much you get um this hall ask from wal-mart's and I have some other stuff but I kinda want to separate the vid is a really wanted to see what I got from Walmart I and I have seen these and I'm fees are the nail art stuff from fingers and you have fingers is eight great product they have actually been around for quite some time and they've always um have had great nail stuff and now they're at Walmart and um they have this entire line oh this heart to heart collection and it's really cute I've also shown um things that have gone in the past from fingers from Walmart up my favorites are a attached to papers and I had to pick these up they had the ones with the rhinestones and everything combine you know.

I for the price and how much you get and you know I if you know where to get them from then you know you can always you get more for what you would get if you would get it another areas in on eBay and stuff or you know from a seller and operate do like that that pat to paper I think it is worth the these are two dollars and 47 cents and this is the first one um this one is 330 47 and this is called PS I Love You and it is really cute you know it has hearts and you guys know I love hearts and it's really pretty I'm it has this one has like I think love all Renault different ways on this one has I'm very like kinda look like dick typeof mix with the heard in the shooting arrow like you and then you have this one here which has I'm I think it's love Renault different languages I think also they're really me for this is the first one Kate the next one is the 334 I'm sorry 3304 8 and this one is called pow-wow BAM and this is very I am I guess okay saying not cartoon but from comic book Free Comic Book 0 lettering and wording and all that stuff really cute and they have different three different ones each of the packs come with three different ones K&N to the next one is this one here which is 330 49 and this is called take note and these are really pretty you have this one here which has a lot of went big lettering on it I am and this one hears like a love letter the Rose very pretty and on almost antique you looking this one looks almost like a postcard kind of note letter love letter really pretty um I really do love these and then this one here which is that 3305 I'm sorry 3 30 50 and this is the one that is map it out and I love the maps to maps.

Nail art Haul from Wal-Mart

And I guess about growing up in New York I guess is just I get something about those maps I'm that you know you see on the subway especially and I'll the other cat has exactly the math that you I would normally see on the trains back in a day so I do love the maps I think they're really neat and look at this one this is really really cool I am but I definitely love the maps and then again there's a lot of different ones they have um for all different %uh styles have now are has the rhinestones they have them different type of metal decals a lot of different stuff really cute so visit your Walmart am now walmart has done so you really gotta look around now this here is I'm really excited to show you guys to me back up to here Ben sorry about that this is from help ok sorry hun this is from LA Colors and when I saw this I was like I had to get 'em I had to get him it looks like there's three in the series and this is I want to back up she could see the box look at how cute this says and I'm 8 is three dollars and 47 cents and I think that is a great guy on and it is then many bottles from LA Colors but is just super cute the way it's package it really is such um really great and it comes with the wheel has only colors in the middle and it has the resin boztepe divall some like this one here has Bose butterflies and it has arm other diamonds and weigh like about it is that you get sure each one so that's really nice and I mean they're just so pretty you to see this one here this little resin it is so tiny a first I thought it was broken but is just not just because so small and they're all different prints and um you have one two three four five 6 different one size twelve and every love these navy blue ones that are in there so cute and then you have the four different nail polishes you have this neon I orange you have this blue neon green and this really neon bright up pink so looks like this is like the neon sets it really doesn't say a name I am I I do think there's up I picked up all the three that I found I'm not sure if it's three of four in the collection so this is the first one and a much sharper has a number on it or not it doesn't seem like it is this is the back up the packet back of the box.

I mean sorry so very cute cute very cute I mean these these it's just hard to resist the way how cute they set them up kit that this is the second box and this one has um it's more have I'm muted colors more likes of Sir colors once almost like a neon box this was almost like a letter box and then on to the next one this one here has from the same has like six love you know wanna beach and you have the butterfly you have the bowlers and you also have the diamonds anything this one has a few different type love resin patterns um like a setup the navy blue bows you have yellow pose with black dots they have these pink bows with black dots in it you have these purple ones that are super cute they're purple white dots on it and you have these ones with blue and pink in it and of course now polish goes with the wheel you know to up be able to make different designs super cute and then this one has a yellow a pink I like a very light teal low and a purple and as you see this one has a you know purple decorations on and this one has a blue decoration on the box case cell and then that last one that I picked up is set this one which I think this one's my favorite it is pink black so over and whites um motif that they put together here and i think is just adorable I'm as you see the wheel with the resin are adorable look at these bows here with the black and looks very I like cheetah black paint and white print it has on this one doesn't look checker print with about one I and this is the tiny little it has the butterflies um it has a solid black bow with the time in the middle um this one hears up pink heart but black top Senate and a rhinestone and it also has the diamonds in there and see the nail polishes it's a black dumb the heck sees this over Haxey glitter the neon pink and a white and eight all come with a little wooden stick on it and again this has built a courageous on the side how you can set up you know the decorations for your nails on settling I mean just super super cute K answer I was really excited to show you guys that and then the other thing I wanted to show you that I got from Walmart for these here these are the jumble rings that you can use for now are andy says the pack up three different sizes I'm they have different once I had different right love you know you have some that are more from I guess if Colts over there's Prins I feigned there's also like the up a bronze copper there's another one is like almost the computer type of color I'm this one here has the small small ones I guess it was almost like a 3mm to emphasize and you have these that look almost like either of five or six MM circular I and then you have these which prolly look almost 19 or 10 mm but he's are super cute I have some ideas to do with this am hoping that they work I wanna see what is gonna try it out first 2Parekh you and then these are still want and then these are 6the difficult ones and that is the same different sizes 1cell guys that is my Walmart haul

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