Nail Art - DIY Matte Black Polish Nails Design Tutorial

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Nail art black . I was evil client i started this tutorial with a smoke polish that I made myself you use half of a bottle of clear nail polish and then i added about ten to twenty drops of black you want to make sure that the first top C 1 code is like about like that she has two coats on.

And that just make sure that it's like the backdrop of lace here is a watercolor that i bought at walmart and it was 499 for the palette and I'm spraying it with water missed missed missed missed and these are really really high pigmented so with that I'm just going to brush in some watercolor here and there I might need to do another a little bit thicker yeah it's pulling up there.

Nail Art - DIY Matte Black Polish Nails Design Tutorial

I don't want too much block so I'm just going to do here and there and how you avoid all of this is that these are too shiny and so what I would have to do is go over and modify it with any kind of matte polish that I can and the mat will allow all of the watercolors to stick way good so I'm going to Matt and then come back and show you what I mean ok so i go ahead I got this done ok so now it's magnified now but I still want to have some watercolor on here to make it the background a little bit more intense if that makes sense to you guys so I'm going to go through and do all of that and I'll meet you back ok so now i'm going in with pure black acrylic paint on my liner brush going in swirling down touching in and putting some black leaves on ok so push push push push and then you pull up push out and around and pull up the end ok and pull and that's going to give you this really beautiful start your or end so there's that there it is in all right so here is the end result of the smoky polish with the with the top of leaves and then I just top coat again with the dazzle drawing mattify a top coat

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