Nail Art Design - My Bows & Bows

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Nail Art Design . hi there i am here to do a Polish Air I was sent this beautiful arrangement of colors by my friend Jamie thank you very much Jamie these are absolutely gorgeous now what we're going to try to do is show you each one of them and we're going to tell you the name of each one of them as we go by so with a little bit of help from leroy we're going to start let me scoot boomer this way.

First I've got the I've got the lens back down as much as possible so here we go jewelry heist pick your boys and black mantra my silicone popped show me some skin now back this way you guys have seen this when i used this one in a design Mars a puma I don't drink cheap wine magic carpet ride jail me show me the money then scooting for the next one we have daddy's cre dit card and then we have pumping gas then we have I'm so jaded cotton mouth and last but not least hit the brakes aren't these absolutely gorgeous now the colors that i am wearing right now I'm gonna let Leroy put those out of the way so the colors that.

Nail Art Design - My Bows & Bows

I'm actually wearing from the same collection are this is plastic flamingos and then these two i combined and I put those here now look at the difference in the color that is two coats and this one is differ ent definitely a matte color isn't that gorgeous so this is the color that we're going to be working on today let me get my stuff together and i will be right back and well stamp design on ok made it back and as you can see I've kind of got ten started so using my MDU cream this is number twelve my fab your nail Stamper my creative shop scraper and again these are the two polishes that i am using right now the name of those are tip your waitress.

I got a confection to make ok so now i'm going to see if I can't stand to me two more of these this is my from the white set of the city and CC plate this one is number six so let's see if we can get two more of these to stand ok now i have taken to just laying my nail right into the design to hopefully k eep it straight because the ones with lines if you down there all work ok let's do another one that worked okay now let's see if I can get that picked up there we go and we're just going to lay that right in there and there we go okay I'm gonna clean up and I'll be right back ok so i've decided that it's pink bows but we need an accident bow so we're going to put a blue one on my ring finger so no worries man in that blue bow and i'm going to man the top coat what kind of Bo's would be these are fimo bows and then how I get to hold them down is just what he's doing see that right there just using the tweeze rs and the tip she just gently hold it until it sticks we have a whole wheel of those emo yeah i got these from born pretty store i n the decorative wheel section now i'm going to press my little bow one more time that just helps some sick down so they don't pop up quite some more thicker some of the mark now we're going to top coat to seal him in there we are my bows and bows

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