My Top Nail Art Tools for Beginners

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Nail Art Tools . so today i wanted to do a video on things just for a nail art beginner to get for tools so I've got a couple of things that I think I couldn't do nail art without that would allow someone to do basic art just to start and then you work your way up to the other things obviously just like in anything um so yeah let's get started so the first thing i would suggest is a striper polish so i would get black and white you can get these and Sally's Beauty Supply probably online on ebay and i usually get them at my dollar store so that's what I would get first i buy some scotch tape so you can teach yourself how to do tape Manny's.

I have a couple of tutorials on here you can start with the scotch tape but once you start getting a little more comfortable and you've done a couple i would get some striping tape so it's really then it opens up more doors for other tape manis and you can get this on ebay or amazon the born pretty store although all those good places so if you get on ebay it usually takes a little while to actually get it in the mail took me like six weeks so order early but they're like a couple box for like 30 of these own eyes on eating next this is probably the top thing dotting tools so i don't want me bae you can probably get them on Amazon you can get them at the board pretty store with still with stony a story it's called so i don't know i think i might have been a box I'm really not positive but these are for sure because you see you get all the different sized tips and double ended there something you can use and a lot of money's definitely definitely top of the list once you get a little more comfortable some nail art brushes about these at was i think i got these at Sally's the the flat for ones but these ones which they're not too bad they're not great they were just cheap online ebay and there's a lot of other places you can get there from the heart brushes so once you start moving getting more comfortable with it.

My Top Nail Art Tools for Beginners

I got my stuff like this at Michaels and The Bourne pretty source of studs for the born pretty store these are Swarovski Elements jewels and you can also get a brand called chris Christie lots see something like that at michaels for the jewels I love because they don't go cloudy with top go either goes brands but you can get all different kinds of starts all different colors born pretty store probably they again like the typical places you go might get a couple different these are not too expensive and you take a little while to order obviously sometimes depends where you're ordering from but definitely worth it you can do simple Maddie's but still get creative with it and now there's two other things that would be a definite with the building tools a clean up brush so something to clean up around your cuticles when you get a little bit of mess there with your remover or acetone you dip this in there and you just carefully cleaned up and straighten your smile line thing you I don't know if that actually councils smile.

I would be the right time but you get what I mean just like around your cuticle just so you can clean up right there and a fast drying top coat you need this to top off your mannie's you will need this for tape Manny's it is a must for a fast drying one that my favorite would be these three that i would suggest that I've tried so simply quick i'll have to put a link in it but this was also in my oil video HK girl I states you can get it from her but I'm in Canada I got it from nail polish such me you can get it in Sally's there's a lot of places all this something that definitely a top coat and last but definitely not least some sort of base coat you want something that's going to last kneeling these pretty good as the SE base coats like grow stronger grow faster pretty good i don't always say anything bad about them I just got this one for christmas that's why this is here.

And why I grabbed it but yeah there are too many topics that i would tell you to stay away from off the top of my head i think the only one I've had a bad experience I mean base coat the only thing I've had about experience with one nutria nail nutrional triple power it killed my money's was really good for the nail but appealed my Manny's but that's the only thing that I can think that actually did anything really bad if you have like nails sometimes one of the SES might be good for you nail and he works for some people it's finding what works for you so try a few I wanted to her ball one try another one not everybody's going to work for everybody saying with the top coat you gotta find what you like and that's it six experimentation but suppose but yeah I think that would be my list for beginners so my top three items that I wouldn't skip over would be these and I'm going to see the striping tape i would say these three and then my fourth would be that and then if you're going to then that so i would put it like this 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th would be different artsy things.

And oh I'm going to do this so I do you guys want to pick up a base coat top coat that's the first things first next I would probably do the dotting tools because that you can do simple mountains with that and just get a taste and then the cleanup brush because yeah I mean you're going to take a little bit of practice this and then the cleanliness isn't as important if your people are going to be that close up but once you start doing it again a little bit OCD about it i'm not gonna lie and then I move on to the team menus and the striper polishes because this is what i learned with I mean you can get the striper brushes and then you have more color options it's up to you but I had this is what I started with over all of this I only had these for the first in a while this pointed to the street beat tape and then I get some jewels this is how I would do it from first to last I think if I was starting all over again

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