Laser Toenail Fungus removal - how it works

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Laser Toenail Fungus removal . where the leg is medical news let's move on to fungal nail infection as you do and how do you get fungal nail infections from god I love places where it's done it's warm and it's not your mushrooms go in the dark and damp conditions etc know your feet inside ShoeDazzle now in a dog environment and fungi will girl then they'll choose now this is a fungal infection the nails just look at the state these new discolored proved you sometimes a nail comes away from the nail bed grossly disfigured town and they can be coming on but was unable just sitting there may not be too painful but looks atrocious and that in treating these people by nale pains.

while nail paints painting only one so we really have to get right through that out i mean a little thing can take up to 12 months to treat fungal infections of the nails even with medication tablets a fungal treatment that works but it will take six to 12 months very slow the City two people here who are going to come in and and have a chat and this is a dangerous neighborhood is higher and also so this is it this is a new laser cold laser or London alone level laser yeah it's nonetheless level it's a cold laser what he told me it means it doesn't know about heat so it doesn't kill off by just using heat which many of the lasers traditionally do it was bifurcated uses the cells in your body to produce different chemicals which break three the spores of the fungus against you got it down here this is the machine and and you just like you would.

Laser Toenail Fungus removal - how it works

If you were having it now striving about 15-20 seconds and it has two beams which route 81 which is antimicrobial so it kills off the fun this and the other one which brings your blood supply down to the area to use your immune system to help kill off and how long does Chris public health say they treat each cycle is a 12 minute cycle that we did and we tend to be four cycles and then that's it that's it usually depends on the severity of the fungus before backyards a force is it is not a cheap treatment unfortunately there's not enough ladies around for it to be a cheap treatment yet so if you are interested in this new look at his thinking I've got these and my goodness me this could change my life it's 695 pounds but also for 338 treatments you had this for a long time about six years you probably think he actually I really would rather not be able to a summer shoes yes but this is classic fungal infections and the new nail grows and remain silent room here and there we are you can see it's always a soft because it's not completely that's really good result that's why still a little bit big time now can take 18 months ago outside the details of all the stuff that we've been discussing now on our website

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