How To Use Scholl Nail Care System

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Scholl Nail Care System  . for effortless shiny and beautiful looking toenails and fingernails show has developed the velvet smooth electronic mail care system its revolutionary electronic mail pen with three heads for filing puffing and shining nails or finished with a rich seven oils complex for cuticle and nails the best results we recommend clean and dry hands or feet before beginning let's start with a three step how to for a start please remove the battery seal then take the nail pen remove the protection cap and click into place with the blue fall head with a number one switch it on and set the speed either to normal or too fast normal is appropriate to start with and for more precise filing for more power and better shine results that the speed too fast thumbnail experts recommend slightly rounded edges on the otherwise.

We're shape to avoid nails from growing in always move the file into one direction to in-store stability and strength of the nail in the end please check smoothest of the result of your fingertip your fingernails you might feel more comfortable with using a separate set of nail panheads but you could as well stick to the same as on your toenails always move the file into one direction avoiding any see-sawing like you would do with a manual file for a curved shape of the nails tip direct the file into a slow curve after his stroke check the look and feel of your nail with the electronic mail pen every strokes angle is the same and you will find that this helps to file your desired nail shape faster and effortlessly more accurate than with a manual file be aware that for some shapes her nails need to have a certain length step to replace.

How To Use Scholl Nail Care System 

The file head by the tow place butthead number to the evening out and smoothing the nail surface a maximum of 15 seconds purnell every two weeks is fine without stressing the nail move the buff head gently over the nail surface without too much pressure staying on one spot check smoothness and continue finally wipe the nails with a Down towel to remove all debris and particles put on the white shiny head with the number three for a gentle polish in circular motion from side to side and with soft pressure the better results you can set the speed too fast when you see the desired shine your nails done and perfect congratulations finish off with the cuticle and nail oil to make the perfect look last longer apply a thin film onto your nails and cuticles no mess no long soak in time just rich care your nails and cuticles will love it especially when you massage the oil in now you done with your new nail care routine file path shine and care at last you can admire your natural and shiny whoo nails all done by yourself effortlessly and in next to no time with shows velvet smooth electronic nail care system

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