How To Take off Acrylic Nails (The Right Way)

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How To Take off Acrylic Nails .  i'm going to show you how to get off work meals the correct way girls wait elsewhere out lifting and they just come off themselves really unhealthy for your nails so the correct way to take really thrown out definitely they're way past the point of feeling so what you need for this is your ass I got the local beauty store called Sally walmart rite aid any beast or drug stores and have heard of dollars and change a plastic baggie we're going to need a full we're also going to me water and you're going to need a microwave or still too warm it up we're not going to have boiling water but we're going to have so it's me paper towel.

I just want to use a tissue that has the ocean plastic bag probably about a map right there i'll add more if needed and you're just gonna place it into your bowl of hot water and what this is gonna do is it's gonna heat up the acetone which is going to activate it faster it is going to have a very very strong like you're right in the nail salon so you're just going to stick your hands in your fingers in it and you just sit and wait and I'm going to do one hand at a time to spur the sake of the video I'm just to show you but you're going to keep your hand sit here for a while and eventually will be time to start feeling it rubbing off and starting to get all goofy and that's when you know it's okay to start with the cotton balls are going to start wiping it off beyond that goes in five minutes I got all my nails off on this one hand it's a lot quicker than just sitting there and just whipping them all watch yourself no pain at all I rock any of my meals that rock now.

How To Take off Acrylic Nails (The Right Way)

and I just went and washed my hands because so the next half of this video is gonna just to show you how to keep your nails strong and healthy after you take them off so what we're going to do is we're just going to earn your file and we're just going to go ahead and pop right over the top of the nails just a little bit i'm just getting the XX glue off that might have been left on even after washing your hands so we're just going to go ahead and cut off the meal just a little bit like so you don't want to do it too hard because you don't want to you don't want to just carve away at your nails you want to keep them strong and healthy we're just going to go through a little bit and smooth them out a little bit if you don't have a final future of a buffer that's fine if you don't have a buffer so katie is the file so after you had meals all smooth from getting off the excess glue going to take your file again and you're just going to go ahead and reshape your nails some of them might be crooked or jagged so we're just going to go ahead file out our nails important thing about filing that a lot of people do not know is that you're not supposed to go in a back-and-forth motion like this when you're filing your mail it's not it's healthy for you so what you do is you seek your nail and you just threw up a sweep and then you go back and you're going to sleep in the same direction that's a lot healthier for your nails so just go ahead and go through your nails and give them a file and get them all smooth after have your nails we want smooth gonna take some nail polish strengthening we'll be back for your nails I'm just go ahead and oh my gosh ok we're going to still have that little bit of white coloration from the glue so after you put your strength yeah definitely don't have the strength to strength color I chose this yellow pure ice and it's called excuse me

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