How to remove your acrylic nails without damaging your natural nails

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How to remove your acrylic nails . I hope you're going to enjoy this video about how to remove your i create nails without damaging your natural nails show you so that's my right hand so I'm going to show you how to do it that's what i have done before so that's why there's lots of glitter here so there's still one left on my nails which is the AE French with the pink and wait a critic of hand you can see you have already removed everything and my nails are separate so you will need cotton pad tin foil and stick if you don't have a hope stick you can have those wooden an orange things that you can find anywhere or that at Sally's also need a buffer and the stone has it on with doesn't make the product mouth just dissolve the the particles that make the products hold together.

so just catch up and pads you can to cut the same quantity of two folds as well so have had the finger so you use your cups and pad like this so you take the foil your cotton pad you fold it and you stack it with your acetone once you've done this you just place it gently onion if your nose were very long before and just fire them so they so they are quite short you don't need to keep the whole length just makes the work easier so the foil is to make everything remaining place on your nail make sure it's nice and tight and then you do the same thing you know your fingers down so make sure everything stays like this for 30 minutes and gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy meeting your favorite program why not after 30 minutes just remove the foil.

How to remove your acrylic nails without damaging your natural nails

And my finger just do this on one finger at a time and you see this texture is now all like jelly so you just gently scratch it from your nail and then you're gonna bust try to work quickly before the product dries again because once it's dry and hard it makes things much more difficult to remove afterwards so buff up scratch the product with a stick and then place your pad again on your nails before it's dry and it soak for 10 minutes as you can see them in one of nails scratch match and then place the cutting again if there's some product that you can remove just do not force things because this is what can damage your nails so this is why before it's completely dry could you teen foils back in over the cotton with the acetone for ten women so after the 10 minutes I just remove everything and what was assisting a bit before is going to go away very nicely see

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