How To Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails

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How To Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails. so i'm just going to be showing you how to file off gel polish from a click extensions and this is quite sort of a basic and thing that you do as a nail tech obviously if you've done a critic extensions on a client and they want to gel polish on top to make their color last two three four weeks and before they're sort of infield and you they come back for the infield and you've got to move the gel polish without removing the acrylic extension underneath so you can use an e-file for this and but you do have to be trained to use an electric file so i always hand file.

Because I'm not trained in electric files and and also because i just find you have more control with a actual nail file so I'm just going to be showing you on my thumb again today you can kind of see and that my nails are a little bit battered now after being at work of the days and I've got cuts on my index finger and all things like that and things are a little bit out of shape just because I've been working with files and whatnot but i'm going to show you on my thumb today and how we're going to move this and also how to solve hold your nail file as you're doing it this is just a file from Sally's this is is a 180 grip file i believe and probably best to actually use a 150 because it will remove it bit quicker and but either either all is fine you need to you know a lower great file to be able to actually file off the gel polish from the nail and because it obviously is well what you would do and if with your client is after you remove the general policy with then I'll prep the nail and file the nail down.

How To Remove Gel Polish From Acrylic Nails

Whatever the client wants to do I'm ready for in feel of critic so and against over 150 put probably be a bit better but we're going to use 180 today and like this just from Sally's and i usually use the ones from nail harmony or 0 p IM on my clients but when I'm at home I just use ones from Sally's because they are cheaper so and also people always ask me how to change my nails so often this is how i did hear a home it's not that quick and easy but it's just how I do it so I've schooled down the side of the file already am I did show you how to do this in my previous acrylic video or leave a link to that down below so you can kind of see how to do that just softens up the edges a little bit so yeah I'm going to show you how to do it on my thumb so this is how i generally hold any file so you've got quite a good space between your index and your thumb nail doesn't matter and what shape the fire Liz and and the nail harmony ones.

And IP I want to have like a fatter end and a thinner and I would then have the fat end up here but i do switch them around if when i'm doing things like the cuticle area and i'll actually use the smaller end of the file obviously this one is just a straight file so it doesn't actually matter where they see sort of generally how you hold fire and you've got your middle finger underneath there because we're going to be using this area we're not actually using the whole of this area we're using this sort of main area around here and it gives you the most control so I'm just going to start filing off so you can see how i'm working already so and don't focus on just one area of the nail when you're filing you need to do the whole nail and just go around around because otherwise if you just focus on one area your client or you will feel a real burning sensation because it's creating heat and on on the nail so you don't want to be doing that you need to be moving around the nail the whole time so you can already see where part of the acrylic is showing through so as if i had create clear acrylic underneath and you would be obviously able to starting the clients nail so that you can see still holding the file in that position my middle finger is supporting it there and if I turn it over you can see the blue area here where I'm actually using the file so obviously if you had a burden a lower great files or 150 file you'd probably be a lot quicker with it because it's obviously and a bit of a firm a great flat as you can see that whole middle bit has gone now so i'm going to zoom in so you can kind of see what doing now you can see how I'm holding the file in 20 min so you can kind of see what i'm doing and it with more maybe so and I'm doing the cuticle area here and i'm at i'm actually using this straight edge here and if I hadn't scored the file that would have caught me so that's why it's really important to score your files yeah but this is also helping to sort of the bulk you're a critic now ready for in feels so and if and this is a real big if if you had lifting around this area as well so ready to sort of envelope you would sort out all that lifting at lifted area now and whilst you you're so filing off the job I wouldn't say come back to it just very old at once and just like focusing on the one nail so there we go all of the glitter and the gel polish has gone apart from down the sides but you can probably see these nails particularly to sit with me shake him just because you've been hit vials all weekend and because this is my hand for holding clients fingers so as I'm doing it like this the clients now is here that's why I've got all these like cuts and stuff for my finger,

Because I've been like snatching myself with them the bloody nail files so my thumb does quite a lot of the time as well get brutalized so and as well as you've got crying who's had their critical section on for three or four weeks they're going to have grown rather long and some people don't particularly like super long nails like me so they might say I need them filed down so then again this would be the time at to file them down so I am actually just going to reshape this nail in my side walls and then i would start to and perhaps make sure that the shape and the apex of the nail is still there or still in the right place and we talked about this in last week's video and if you haven't seen it will be linked down below for you to go and see it where I talk about apex and this is how how to shake the nail should look at things like that and because when we're in filling or we really want to do is be adding a critic to this section here you don't really need to be added me down this section here unless you really really filed with that area often you need to add some more strength but you shouldn't have to but so you can see now that i've just done that little bit of filing is giving us that nice so shape and once I add a bit of a critic to this tiny area down here and just further it down it's going to give the nail 

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