How to remove acrylic nails without pure acetone (Using Nail Varnish Remover) l Tuneincatherine

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How to remove acrylic nails .  i'm just going to show you how you can take off your credit nails and yes you can see like mine are like rowing oh so i have to take the mark and before these are like paint tips now as you run to the nail shop and need to come off there for me but I don't want to take them off for me again..

because the charge quite large so you can often really just go out and buy you a ball and do it yourself so I went to boot sounds like you got yourself a dog that's what they used to pick off as i do South tell me she was like no I think I got to get from there like the nail place and then they didn't have known our places around there so really I think you can use like polish remover because i looked at the ingredients and this is like okay not gonna be able to see that it has acetone in this or just got a stone in there then pretty sure about work fine just don't get the one race as a thumb free because it and she says with false and acrylic nails this one so maybe this is a nail polish remover that you can actually use on this just to take off the actual and color so you can put on another one without your nails actually coming off so this one.

How to remove acrylic nails without pure acetone (Using Nail Varnish Remover) l Tuneincatherine

I think you can use on the critics your nails start to come out so i'm pretty sure you can use this and so she's going to show you how to do that ok so what you want to do is I get up like this on the cattle so it just makes the water heart so you put in there now I want to do is put your polish remover and like this one and then and then the hop waters and more it's also much you want for the kettle to boil I'm gonna stop keeping my nails off yeah that's it yeah if I actually are should have showed you are on this one look at the design on that so pretty but it's so hard for you can actually see where there's like growing I was discussed in the kettle boiled you want to tip that in there it's nice and hot get the new bunch move it and pop it in ok so when she did not just raise your hand in a bowl and just let your nails so can for a good couple of minutes and you should start to feel your nails goal kinda like soggy Bob I'm yeah sure women anyway how would you describe this is my nails done today quiet let's discuss then it's just that because I black tips or the black color is she coming off it's horrible but can she start to feel like a star like scraping out the acrylic started to go really soft another critic so just leave it in there for a couple more minutes

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