How To Remove Acrylic Nails, Overlay or False Tips at Home No Pain

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How To Remove Acrylic Nails. everybody today began working on how to remove from your naturally or false tips as well so today we're gonna need cotton balls are gonna need a clipper hereafter tone and upholding it as well as your male drill our file now you can see how I have a little bit of nail polish on I'm just gonna go ahead and fill my acrylic polar Bi holder.

And I'm gonna put some more autonomy and I have already removed the nail polish from my fingers and I'm just trying to put my fingers and get them in there and let himself however we're gonna make it move a little faster with you so you can see I'm just going back and forth between my fingers into the acrylic taken out and i actually wiping it all and right now I'm and use the Clippers you just flipped off any excess lifting that's been going on with the acrylic and you can do this at the beginning and throughout the process and I mean very careful because these are my natural nails I just have a click on it.

How To Remove Acrylic Nails, Overlay or False Tips at Home No Pain

So I'm trying to be very careful so that I don't strip or break my nails and I'm gonna go right back into it acetone my nails in there let them soak a bit I'm using 100% acetone and as I go I'm fighting off some of the top players because it does indicate that top layer often make it move a little faster now just getting going with my drill and I'm going to just kind of file down some of that bullet that's been coming off and this really helps if you do this in a fashion where you are and instead of filing your natural male you're just going to file right on top of be lowest layer of acrylic and I'm just making sure that I filed that as much as I can write back to so I'm going to make sure that I wiped it off again and then go right back to the drilling process and this is just the court process that I'm going to do back and forth until the acrylic has been completely removed from my fingernails extremely careful if you do have a male drill you want to be very careful only to file he clearly not your nails because it will hurt so just only a filing really where there's acrylic and you can tell that by just looking at it if it should be discolored yellow and you know your your email is going to be a different color than the currently so when we are all done this is what everything looks like it's this is my national mail we are completely done and I have gotten all the acrylic off the nail bed now I'm gonna go into the process of applying our collective my natural nail and overlay.

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