How to remove Acrylic/ Gel nails at home! Using household items

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How to remove Acrylic/ Gel nails at home . so this is me showing you what I don't like i said i'm not a professional so please no mean comments but if you're at home and you just can't stand them any second like a second longer and you have no time to go to the salon and an emergency situation up in here it's really easy way to take them off i'm using stuff around your host ninety-nine percent of people have everything in this video I other hosts already and yeah just a little bit of confidence i'm a stage in the end.

Where you might have to do it or not but it's just a little bit uncomfortable it's not completely Pete pain-free way of removing them but it's pretty simple I'm not to like it's just uncomfortable that they said it's not like super painful or anything so your new years with no matter who takes them off or what way to take them off for years.

How to remove Acrylic/ Gel nails at home! Using household items 

I want to be very brittle after the acrylic or the gel which ever ones that and do that you have this works for both and so the other would be a bit brittle you will have to come down quite short and you really ought to mine them could be will break and snap very easily so and yeah also the in this video I just.

And give tips on how i was able to manicure them after and that's about it so if you'd like to know how to take them off quickly in the comfort of your own home please keep watching the video I know at the end of it is ok and the list you really need a little bit of 10 for not too much there should be enough and means nail polish remover preferably one with a high acetone kind of in the ingredients and needs in cotton pads preferably thin ones a nail clippers obviously and possibly a tweezers if you need to do the last step which will be nice so for everyone so get your nail clippers and just clip your nails down as far as your own natural near don't go past the regrowth underneath just kind of try and match them up as close as you can and just make taking them off a little bit easier for you smile clip down nasty and I'm going to get some cotton clouds and chocolate and a half men were quite thick cotton pad so we can make it a little less effective which is why I have to do the last step of the end of this video but you're just going to do this to your cotton pad get on your team that you put earlier and I forgot for me.

I didn't like two inch strip we don't need that much just enough to wrap around your finger then you just place your cotton pad like the wet side on and your finger and I have mine quite ghosts old solving all the way through and then I'm just going to wrap the temperature around my finger as tight as possible it's really really important that you keep it straight you want the least amount of air in lawyer and kind of 10 for rap as possible just for the mic really good and I should look something like this and go ahead and do the rest of your fingers and make sure you have a nice and wrap tightly and you can keep it like that for about an hour if you didn't find a strong enough after never just dip your finger nails only into a bowl of nail polish remover for an extra 15 minutes and then once you're doing - this will come to stop a little bit more how you just use the corner are between there's a sharpened and I kind of pushed it on to the corner of the name is kind of play it off almost and pushes kind of just lick it off just keep edging the sharp edge of the tweezers or scissors or whatever you're using under the knee or just keep wiggling it to him to it becomes news and eventually it will just kind of pop off and please do this fairly gentle you don't want to damage your near too much you want to scrape up against the nail just take your time with it and gently pry it open an adventure it would just pop off like I'm about to show you here ok so today because of the critical clue and whatever the use my name is that we got our crops on my cooking all day - sighs and give them a nice good fire day and take off all that rough blue anything left on the meal and make it nice and smooth and then.

I'm going to take a little buffer and i'm just going to show them all day and make them lovely and smooth and ready for a nice called punish i'd say i'm going to go for a nice lime green color nails are still going to look a bit nice time but i have been nice and silky smooth dough ready for manicuring and i'm going to use I'm not a keep me from the hatred nail polish collection and yeah I know you're ready to fight another day for another bottle and but it was my video on how I took off mine and like i said i watched a lot of other videos before I did it all myself and this seems to be the kind of go to at home way to actually get them off and like I said there's so many different rates and wrong ways to do something like this so please no comments on like oh you do your laundry it's going to be bad for anyone no matter what you do it and I like the way I did mine and they weren't particularly to hash on my nails I don't think so

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