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Nail Art For Kids . It's my Charlie, and my Butchie, come back, come back Hi....hi! Want to do belly rubs? Belly Rubs? Belly Rubs! Please do not eat me, ok? You're not supposed to eat me. No! Butchie. You can't sit on your brother. Come here. You cannot sit on your brother! Hi. My name is Chloe, this is Charlie, and this is my first Youtube video. Who's my good little boy? You want to learn how to do water marble colors today? On your nails? You want to learn how to do that on these pretty little nails? Today I'm going to be teaching you how to do water color marble nails with Sharpies. I told you I had to sneeze and to wait! All of my makeup. 

I have so much! This is what you're going to need to make water color marble nails with your Sharpies. First you're going to need a small glass cup or glass Tupperware. Then you're going to need an old MAC brush that you don't use anymore. Then you're going to need at least 2 different colored Sharpies. I'm using dark blu e and pink . And then finally, you're going to need some rubbing alcohol or anything with a high alcohol content. So first, you're going to want to apply a coat of white on your nail. 

How To Make Watercolor Nails With Sharpie 

While my white nails are drying I found this silver metallic Sharpie that I am also going to use with my pink and blue So now you're going to take one of your Sharpie colors, put the other two aside, an d just dra w al l over the bottom of your glass. So now you're going to pour just a little bit of alcohol into the lid. You can see there's a little bit of alcohol in there. And then you're just gonna pu t a couple of little tiny drops inside the glass, Now you're going to take your old MAC brush and just kind of mix it all together. Then after you have some of your Sharpie nail polish watercolor, you're going to put it on your nail. But you're not going to cover your entire nail because you've got other colors to use. 

The more Sharpie watercolor nail polish that you add onto your nail the darker that it wi ll get. This is how it looks after I put on my pink. And now I'm just going to scribble the blue into the bottom of it and now I'm just going to continue to scribble with my other color Now I'm just mixing this with the couple drops of alcohol like I did with the pink. Now I'm just simply gonna put it on again like the pink. It's ok to overlap the pink beca use that can make it look cool. It's ready, it's ready, it's super super ready, to do my silver! Pretty sure I have a dog hair in there! Poop, the metallic mixed with the alcohol and made it not work so now I have to use the boring li ght blue! You have to put a whole lot, otherwise it won't work. I'm mixing the blue...and the alcoh ol. Doo dee doo dee doo, yeah, yeah, yeah. I have to put it on in place of the sliver that would have looked awesome. Oooooh, cool! Yes I know I need to clean up my cuticles. And also I know that purple and blue are Daddy's favorite colors. Heeheehee. This is very important, how to clean it out, after every single color that you make . So start out with one Kleenex. Put in a couple drops of alcohol, then you just put it in, rub it around, it sounds weird and feels awful. It would be a little easier if I could fit my whole hand in here. And now you apply your top coat to seal the color and stop it from fading. It also gives it a little extra shine. Last step, enter Zee hand into Zee nail dryer. And if you do not have Zee nail dryer, too bad for you. You must blow! Oww. Zee finished produc

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