How To Make Chrome NAIL ART

11:10:00 AM

Chrome NAIL ART .so chrome is all over social media right now so i thought i would show you how to do these easy and fun chrome negative space nails first use a gel base coat and be sure to cap the free edge the chrome pigments only really work with gel polish now i'm using presto art gel it's a black gel it's used mostly for nail art but it's super pigmented.

which I want because i only want to do one coat of this so the nails aren't super thick i'm using a gel and a pot forces in a bottle because I find it a bit easier and more precise to apply so the trick to Chrome nails is using a tax-free gel top coat and what that means is that after you hear it there is no tacular to wipe off now get a piece of striping tape and apply it to the center of your nail make sure you press it down firmly first time using the emerald green pigment powder from skyline beauty supply.

How To Make Chrome NAIL ART

And you use this little eye shadow applicator and you rub it into the nail make sure to not get any on the upper part of the nail this silver chrome powder is from wildflowers nail academy and do the same exact thing but make sure you use a separate applicator brush so you don't mix up the pigments these do get very messy so beware make sure to rub it in a lot and get in all the corners insides and also on the free edge of your nail now lightly dust off any extra pigment with a fan brush and remove this dragon - tada yeah now seal in the design with the gel top coat and cap free edge to get any excess pigment off your skin use a lint free wipe and alcohol to wipe it off apply some cuticle oil to restore moisture to your nails and here is the finished look

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