HOW TO Different Nail Shapes

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Nail Shapes . i just wanted to share with you guys an idea that i saw on Instagram um the girl's name is house of lacquer she posted on how to make these samples out of wood doubles so I did it myself and I just wanted to show you how i did it i got these with dolls at home depot and I just got them cut to about six to seven six inches you know 16 inches each piece so when I got home I got a file that you know a file that doesn't really work anymore like one that.

I'm about to throw away just to soften up the edges then you're gonna file like if you were going to prepare a nail you're gonna just file wherever you're gonna sculpt the nail on this is a good idea I loved it because I'm right here I'm going to put the nail form on i'm going to start with the basic square nail ok i put the it's a good idea for clients when they come there's no confusion because in their mind still it might be one thing and in my mind just a little might be another so this is a good idea so there won't be any confusion it's helped me a lot because sometimes they come they tell me i want us to little and then i'll do is to let on the like it's too . i wanted around her I'll I'm like that's over now so that way there's no excuse you know since the beginning they tell you what shape and exactly they want and you have these on your table or wherever you work and there's no confusion at all and you have a happy client and you'll be a happy nail tech - i'm going to start off with a basic square nail I'm doing all of these nails with just a white acrylic and on the top i'm using just my regular cover its a cover mix that I make i also have a video on that it's called blush pink i will put the link and we just whenever you're going to start any type of mail it's good to just go to the free edge the free edge just go all the way up to the the smile line make sure your you define the smile line very well on both sides make sure it's even and then we'll just keep the sides very straight.

HOW TO: Different Nail Shapes

And clean so we don't have to file that much you see I'm cleaning the sides even when i'm going to capture lady so we bring down the file time to less time now we're going to do the oval and you know what maybe these um shapes our what I to my understanding you know maybe in your mind it's different but you see that's why it's a great idea to do this because now you're gonna you're gonna make your your samples how you see your nail how you work so that way there's no confusion at all so this is how i do my Oval nail and this is the kind of always doing myself actually haven't done those 20 points to let I always do them over and level now i'm going to do what you call the pipe nail it's very easy to make and it it's such a this style of nail makes your hand looks so beautiful to me it's like a very elegant shape of mail I i just love it I haven't done it on myself yet but I've done it on clients and they've loved it ok so like I said you just define the smile line make sure you all the way up to all the sides and clean it up clean it open your work just looks really clean and and and nice you know and just make sure the sides are straight all the way to the end and whichever length you prefer you know it's the same process so just go like you see on the side keep them straight and then when you're going to get to the edge you're gonna go diagonally to the tip okay and make sure it's even on the other side also like you see I'm adding more acrylic white acrylic here it's straight and when I go to the tip i just go up diagonally you go up diagonally on both sides and then on the tip it's going to be around from the top ok and that's our PI snail it's beautiful.

Now I I just in capsule it and you go to it I'm sorry I didn't come and record the beginning I thought I was recording but you'll get an idea this is what you call a school level because it's square and oval the sides goal straight and the tip is around it doesn't go up diagonally like the pipe it just go straight and then just the tip you round it off like this so it's over and square and one now this one is the stiletto and just a little the nail form we're going to close it all the way as you can see right here i have it closed the tip is closed all the way and like i said in every other now at the tip the every other one shape and style of nail I start off by taking the acrylic all the way up to the sides making sure my smile line is clean and I clean it up very good and the Stiletto you're gonna just put it on top it doesn't really fold into the form it's just all on top make sure you have the site's very clean all the way to the tip you see how it's just straight it's very simple as long as you close the form very good just keep it very clean as you can see right here when we and capsule now this is a very unique nail form I actually love it and it it looks really nice and it's very simple to do also ok it's known as the lipstick nail and i really i really love it it looks like a tube of lipstick when you're putting it up you know it's kind of diagonal and planted on top so we do the same thing you know we just make sure smile line is clean go all the way up to the sides and clean and in the end is diet now this is the edge now I love it lately a lot of my clients have been wanting to try this style out it looks there for like the I guess there's they want to try mom

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