How To Ballerina or Coffin Nail Shape ( acrylic nail shapes )

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Acrylic nail shapes .I'm going to be showing you how to create the perfect ballerina / coffin shaped nails and I've already just gone ahead and practice my nail and applied my form and I'm just going to go in with the NSI acid-free nail primer for acrylic nails please excuse if this video feels a little bit rushed and I'm trying my best not to rush it but I've got college tonight and I still needs , console yeah somebody did request this so i wanted to help out and show you guys just how i do it.

So I'm just going to put some of my nail nails acrylic liquid into a second dish so you want to completely saturate your brush in a crook liquid and make sure that you get out any air bubbles and then I'm just going to take a small to medium-sized pearl of the click and after all of these to the length of the things about four but you can always sort out afterwards and file off so don't worry about that just yet I wasn't doing is just patting down making sure that you just angle in those sides now I haven't started this nail from scratch as you can see i still had some acrylic on from my last set so but this really making a difference it would only be like if I had some natural nail so that the size you just want to be angling it in hope that you can see this yeah so it's pat pat pat move in your product into place try to keep it as neat as possible but don't just don't forget that you can find afterwards to get that perfect perfect ship but it's just laying the best foundation for yourself to make sure that you just speeding up the process and also making sure that the application is really well done so that you don't get any lift in or and it just like that.

So I'm going to come in with another beat up a creek and we're going to place that to the center of the nail just let it flow out make sure you're wiping your brush all the time between applying acrylic otherwise you're going to end up with your brush clock . and you're going to buy buy and brushes like every week make sure that no product is going on to your side walls or touching the skin and then once with Tyler excuse me we're going to go ahead with our Bowl in the cuticle area so you want to tilt your hand down less the bead let it flow out and then just tap in it side to side and stroking down topic to the side and struck down you want to make sure that you leave in a small gap at the cuticle area and towards the side walls to make sure that there's no lift them so that is the nails so far as you can see we are a little bit flat here we'll probably be able to fix that with a file but just to save time in case i cannot i'm going to go ahead and apply one more bead just in this is on here I'm going to take the excess liquid out of that beat as well place on show you this from the side so I'm just talking out stroking down and then strokin up so as you can see that just added that apex that we need to strengthen the nail and look down the barrel of the nail just so you can get a good angle of how the acrylic is before we were filed it I hot this is Fox in ok so that's the nail looking downwards I have got a little bump here but I'll just find that out so I'm going to let the nail got like Matt almost set and i'm going to pinch it using my two fingers we don't need any special tools i mean you can get them I think they've got some on ebay that are around a couple of pounds or on specialist websites that maybe 15 pounds or more and to be fair.

How To Ballerina or Coffin Nail Shape ( acrylic nail shapes )

I didn't really get our members have found that they were really really really hard when the pension you can pinch at certain levels but i just think get on with it whatsoever so I just like to use my fingers and pinch so once that's going mad i'm just going to let you take a look at my other hand so this hundreds done with my non-dominant hand so it is a lot harder but as you can see I've still managed to achieve that perfect shape or kind of perfect it's a lot of practicing to go book yes and it just takes the pic right a lot of patience and time to perfect your skills I mean I've been doing nails now professionally in the sound for a year and eight months and I've still got a ton of stuff to learn so I'm just check-in this nail and I'm just going to go ahead and pinch that c-curve him it's taking just a little bit longer to set because my hands are freezing and it is freezing in my house because we're gonna have the heat on this morning but I turned it off squeeze that c-curve in and hold until it's set if you let go of it too soon it's just gonna bounce right back out and you're not going to get the c-curve that you intended in the first place so I'm just holding that until it's set as you can see what is like taking forever to set but yeah so secretive pinch they're going to let that set and then i'll be back to the filing in a moment so now that the nail has completely set I'm going to come in with my nail file and literally also going to do is from the side walls angle that in yeah so I'm doing this nice and slow so that you can see always keeping that same and then once you've got the ship that you want you're just going to go ahead and file the top in a horseshoe motion you want to go around the side across the top and then down the other side just make sure that your nail is completely balanced and even ok so I've been found top they're pretty much.

And i'm just going to go ahead and around the kids : to make sure that it is completely flush in c motions or whatever you want to call it you just want to go into the cuticle area not touching the skin so you don't want any nasty cross horrible that just like makes nails look totally crab you just want to go around the cuticle area and splendid blend blend just to make sure that it's completely full - so that when you come to paint you haven't got that horrible ledge around the cuticle area so i'm just going to go ahead and just off pray them with an alcohol cleansing spray and there you have it completed in 6a look ready to paint and design

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