How I remove my acrylic nails

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How to remove acrylic nails .I'm going to be removing my kiss acrylic nails and they have now tips and then yeah i just had them on for a while there's a little bit of grout this one popped off today so i just have a glass dish right here and some target brand up and up nail polish remover this is the acetone one you need to have the afternoon one yeah just going to ask for some here a little bit of a lot and there then I'm just going to clip off the excess nails side of the nails try not to slip off your natural nails as you can see i have a little bit of ground right there not gonna happen you finally remove that that's what i find is to click at an angle so it's not cracking down to clip it at different angles when tip should pop right off that clip it down a little bit more you can do all my nails try and get them just as short as you can without clipping the natural nail as you can see it that little piece right there on the side ok ok now we stick him in for about 10-15 minutes and then you'll notice that the acrylic is getting soft.

And also the the glue that you attach the tips with should come off fairly easily you should just be able to peel them right off yeah you will see i'll let you know when I know it's been sitting for a few minutes take my hands out dry them off a bit just Pat it dry and as you can see my nail polish came off it does feel a little bit sticky and that's a little weird texture not see that easy win the weird texture kind of the acrylic kind of swelled up so let's see if we can take these off just going to start from the corner they should just left to right off I don't want to wear in my natural nails it's lifting that one's off and a lot of damage to my natural nail try this one yeah my mom good travel pinky.

How I remove my acrylic nails

I was just like sliding right off yeah you can do there and this is just like leftover glue i'm going to get that off my should just be able to watch my hands and get that off and i'm a lot of damage you do i just need to suck my thumb for a little bit more as you can see there's like this colored part right here that's the part that's already lifted it's just this part that needs to come off it's getting there so I'm just going to stick this in for a few more minutes and then it should peel right off of May 4p more minutes - it's ready to come off and a little bit i usually just kind of pat dry let's see if this is for me to come off at one corner just doesn't want to come up from the side from a little bit more there we go a little bit of damage to this natural nail like one layer came off but there we go and clean that one up a bit more but I'm not good to go so i went from this little bit of grad I have there's a lifting and then you can see that there is lifting pretty much all the nails just on near the cuticle a little bit on the sides nothing major going from this to this few minutes so good a stone wash your hands and I'll come back so you finished result I just washed my nails still what kind of bad I'm this pinky still has a little bit of glue on it but i'm going to be putting on a new set anyways which i'm going to be posting a video for that as well so yeah I hope you guys like this video pretty simple yeah so can ask him and this is clear before and it's all like cloudy and cancel my nail polish in it but yes easy simple if you like this video and if you'd like to see stuff like this please hit the like button if you would like to subscribe also subscribe I would love that and if you have any video ideas please let me know so yeah I think guys

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