How I paste/apply nail art stickers! (explained step by step for beginners)

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Nail Art Stickers . i will be doing a video on how to pace nail stickers on to your nails this is how my design looks like my stickers are animal print but you can get any stickers of your choice you can do this anytime we got most of the trends all season it is easy to do.

And let me show you how I did it the main items are used are to stick us in your file and the top coat and the items are used are the base coat in white nail polish but these are just optional depending on the stick as you get yeah some of my thoughts on nail stickers compared to actual nail polish the advantages of mill stickers are that there is no mess easy to file making it quick and easy you can get any design you won without going to a many curious and paying for it or even taking time to draw the design yourself they are water resistant to and it helps if you put on a top coat for it to last longer it is also good that stickers do not damage your nails and there is no fear of them turning yellow however the disadvantages are that this is a one-time use only so perhaps you can use this when you have a special occasion or when you really want to another disadvantage is that the size of the stickers may not hit that well since the size of everyone's fingers a little different so you do need to file that this is how the end result will look like.

How I paste/apply nail art stickers! (explained step by step for beginners)

And let me show you how I did it I started with applying a base coat however this step is optional since my stickers are clear and did not have a base color since i am putting on your polish the best course is to protect my natural nails addressed it goes would not be clear and somewhat people pick with colors and designs so if you have those you can skip this step next I apply the white nail polish again this step is optional since my stickers that clear and did not have a base color I find a suitable size and take my sticker it is all right if the sticker may not fit at first make sure you are pasting the correct and on your nail it is very important to press the sticker down against a nail and cuticle line making sure there are no gaps it is better if the stickers at peace in the Middle after Neil I fold the remaining excess of the sticker to fall off then I take a nail file and file a stick-up seems these and nail stickers stickers tend to be softer and easier to find once the ends of the stickers that's to peel off I am able to tear of easy I do not really fall it down the middle I prefer to fold it - what's the site i see here.

I full it at one side and I fought it off you will realize the annual start to peel off next I take the other side of the sticker and fold it I found it and you will peel off as well so both ends a torn and you can tear the excess of the stick up I do this hopefully to prevent gaps and for the excess sticker from folding back up slowly the studio wants hair and you can just peel it off and repeat the same steps for the rest of your nails just remember it is important to press the stickers down leaving no gaps or crinkles this prevents two guys from flipping up for spoiling at the edges are playing the top coat will help to preserve the sticker and keep it on longer unlike nail polish you do not need to leave for the design a pet under dry since it is a sticker there isn't much of a mess if no no polish is being applied depending on the design applying the top coat helps to give the nails shine and to preserve the nail sticker from being ruined to keep it on longer

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