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NAIL ART PENS . we're going to do a review on the hot designs nail art pens you can find these at craft stores and you can also i think buy them online but what they talked about doing is just creating kind of these interesting designs and going to show you how to do it also give you a little review on it because that i did my nails.

And I thought it turned out really really cute got a lot of compliments the only thing is the base color tended to chip off almost right away so my suggestion if you get these because i love how you can use the tips to make those cool designs and those are easy to do but my suggestion is when you use your base coat maybe use some regular nail polish and then just use the pen tip to do the designs because again it just didn't seem to last very long usually you nail polish the last several days before it starts to chip this really started kind of chicken in the you know the first few days.


So I'm sorry started chipping literally the same day but i really do like the pen and how you're able to make those designs because nowhere else have I been able to find something with a little kind of tip that creates the dots and creates the stars and things like that so let me show you how to use this this kit and how to make this design right here ok so when you open up the kit and take it out you're going to find a little design book in here as well and and it kind of shows you how to do some of the designs but not all of them so I'm happy to show you some of the designs just go ahead and a comment below on some things you want to make like you look at that cute little ladybug right there and this one doesn't have those colors so you have to make sure you buy the ones that have the right color so like if you want to make the ladybug or like the Snowman this one doesn't have the white but it has the blue .

 I've got this color and then the pretty dots right there they said you know really kind of shake it up before you use it you have two two ways to use it you can twist it to use the base color like that and like I said these base colors to me didn't really last that long so here's so that was on like that and then if you want to use the . see this you pull it and there is your capability to make the dots when i zoom in a little bit and on that you have to squeeze it actually you have to squeeze this to get it to come out so see how I'm squeezing it and that's how i make a . for kind of those cool designs like that ok all right i'm gonna show you real quick how to make that two tone with dots and again i really like it because i really like the the capability of making a . again you have to squeeze that we pull out to show you so you squeeze right here with my fingers are squeezing that's how you get those dots ok close that up sure with this that you're really kind of squeeze it and shake it up before you use it and I'm going to do the lighter color on the bottom if you want to do this make sure you use a lighter color on the bottom because it's easier to cover up the lighter color with the darker ok so see I've used this and it gets a little a little dry right there so here we go to show you how to use this so I'm just doing my lighter color on the full nail really mixing that up you can see the consistency is a little different so that's why I like i said i really like the pen to make the dots that maybe use a regular color York City regular nail polishes for the base codes that way the last longer and we kind of have a better consistency we're going to let this dry and then i'll put the next layer on ok now that I've put my base color on all of the fingernails i am going to use our second color that the darker color and put it on top i just added a little nail polish remover since i've used this before and get a little a little thick on me so I just a just at a knee drop of nail polish remover and there just to kinda make it less thick that ever happens your nail polish and gets kind of thick you can do that that's what i did here so we'll go on a little better okay so now we've got this I'm gonna take it like that and we're going to go from this side right here out to the right see how it does not like that ok and then you can fill it in just like that there you go ok so i got that one now i'm going to do the same over here just over to that side its trade across ok and then kind of fill it in and get a little more and hair just do that line across like that until.

I don't know ok I'm gonna get on that done and I did what I did this like i said i get so many compliments but you can use any two tones that you want any colors now it's time to let her i'm into my other hand let it dry and i'm going to add a little . so i'll show you how to do that ok now that we have everything done on both sides of hand that is to do you're supposed to kind of squeeze this just make sure you squeeze it and I mix it up and pull your your top off right there so now you get your tip just like that this is when you're going to do your little . so you have to squeeze it in order for the dots to come out so I'm squeezing and about one . right there right I squeeze it I got my second dog there you go and you might want to practice like on a piece of paper before you do it squeeze yeah please

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