Easy Diagonal DIVA Striped Nail Art - DIY Hand Painted Stripe Design Tutorial

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Nail Art Designs . I'm starting with pickup line by Twila true polish and I made the other clear polish myself I have a bra up sponge and i did a three nails tutorial with this one in it and i'll link it in the little I that you push it get it nice and saturated give me an ow juicing then on this one that we all get a position ok I'm just going to dab it already dried up a little bit that then put some more polish down at the bottom and some wood polish down on the sponge down here at the bottom and then tap just to give like it just to give a effect like that so it goes in a circle yeah so I'm if it's having a hard time here i'm going to take some just to make sure that.

I get enough on there and then I'll just take my sponge and cap it ok so that is so it'll be like this it's kind of like a spotlight now and now we're ready to begin so I have my my my polishes all put away now and i'm only going to be working with paint the paint is going to be teal and white and I'm going to make sure it's nice and thin with my sprayer who I spray or needs to be cleaned out i'm using my striping brush my unicorn hey I don't use my unicorn a lot because i don't have real long nails and my liner brush works for a lot of striping so go in and touch pull and then I'm going to line a line like touch pull pole line line ok finish that out ok now with the with the teal paint I'm going I got it into my striping brush about three quarters of the way up tapping in over and then taking the brush spin spin ok Oh next step ok.

Easy Diagonal DIVA Striped Nail Art -  DIY Hand Painted Stripe Design Tutorial

So I've taken some silver glitter and I am mixing it with some holographic later so it's a little bit of both maybe a little more dude oh oh oops haha i kill the fairy fairy down okay here we go so i'm making this it's nice and thick and juicy and just that ok film I striper now going into the center when when the glitter is thick you can like oh girl Robert just makes the finished lines that are perfect and yummy ok let me do it up close here we go touch in between the material and the White i am going to leave all of the tags down in the description box i want you girls to make a minute Manny and guys and tag it and send it to talia's pages so that you guys can help spread awareness of children's cancer that's what we do every July.

And I try and donate as many supplies as possible so that they have lots of Polish to take the hospital's through the year and if you guys have extra polishes or if your company and you want to donate stuff please get a hold of her at talia's legacy . org and help us make this year better and even next year better and better and better until there's a cure and that is what i like to dedicate myself to it keeps me focused on the right things and it keeps my mind in the right places and that's what I'm always going to do so thank you to Juicy let me do this on you juicy is also a huge part and if you guys see my new channel what's it called my channel banner is that it then juicy made it and juicy does graphics she's going to be doing more graphics at home because she's having a baby if you guys haven't heard and so I'm going to be like kind of like a a grandma from a weird angle I cannot even though i'm not old enough to be a grandma I'm not old enough though just so you guys know I'm a very young grandma and so if anybody calls me grandma I'm blocking you but anyways no seriously and so she's gonna be doing graphics at home and she usually does graphics for a lot of other people but but if you guys want graphics and you see my stub and you like it's because of juicy so get your graphics done and help us out help me out help us so it's fun we make our look at that so because i have this yummy yummy glitter on the three now tutorial i use silver but i'm just going to add a little bit of hollow glitter over the top of it just pulling it out a little bit and make it the rest of him the same not then i'll be back for the last nail ok so give me that hand to see okay okay.

We're in a weird world here we go I know let me screw over this way to okay got you ok so with white paint we're going to write juicy but it's going to be fun or this time because we get to write juicy mama so if you guys are not used to riding on nails you count how many letters are going to write and put the middle ones in first so it takes practice and don't give up so I go in and make as small as possible you don't want to start in with a big ol letter and you've got to think in advance I saw that my let my letters were starting to go down so I want to go up so we feel like this up and you can you see how you are using my mama made me ok in my room thank you okay so we're gonna go instead of hoochie mama you to see mama came with it is a number of juicy mama oh my god that's my new song for you but we're going to change forever it ok they're just words attached to people for a little bit high until it loses meaning different and she she's running in a field when she's young my dog is having a dream she can't hear you anymore she old way to wake her up with a better screen there she is words then you is coming so there's that I'm going to fix that make it all perfect then I'm this one because this one was on my three nail tutorial and it didn't have any um white in it i am going to throw some white through it so it all matches we should when you start thinking of names we should have them help with spellings do you agree it would be fun to see it might be a perfect spelling out there there's that okay i'm going to finish this out

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