DIY Neon Daisy Nails - Hot Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

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DIY Neon Daisy Nails . i'm here with mammy we are starting this tutorial with precisely pink by OPI pants on fire which is a neon yellow and a neon we I mean neon orange neon yellow know fo yellow ok so what I'm doing is I'm just taking the nail it has one coat of a put it in neutral just to just to keep it more neutral and then i'm going in with my pink and brushing it partly on capping and taking it to where it's more of a Grady ated look then with the orange it's not open there we go going in tacking right they're going in with the yellow yeah then I'm going to take another one.

And i'm going to start with the yellow on top hit down tap then the orange tap pink and then go to the next one when it's finished it's going to be like this I'm going to go in for a layer number two layer number two will be up closer on the cuticle with more detail and more attention to detail on the cuticle area go down and get my orange push that on white tap then with my yellow second coat over the top and these are neon but they're buildable neons so so i have no white underneath I don't I haven't found out a great design for that yet so taking the yellow going in a second time see how bright that gets with the layering tap.

DIY Neon Daisy Nails - Hot Flower Nail Art Design Tutorial

I'm just going to use a little bit of orange at the bottom here because i like that bright yellow tap it out of the pink area use my pink really really brighten up that one side and I will finish this design that way and you could leave it just as is but we're just starting thank you ok so now i just have a white basic acrylic paint on a piece of a lid and if your paint is too thick it's not going to work but i'm going to push push and pull up push and pull up and what I'm doing is I'm kind of drawing it to be thicker here and then pulling up into a point pulling up into a point pulling up into a point and if you want long thin leaves you would just not pushes hard at the beginning up then touch push push touch push push push and push push go to the next one because I did it on this side I'm going to put one on this side so i will push push this certainly is easier to film that when i first started maybe I can i remember i could not get my brush at this angle to film easier than my first day tutorials.

So that so as you guys learn i'm learning to here we go this way easier to do this when you're manipulating people like this and why not all out of Bray like that you to move and breathe it's great that and that okay when you're finished it will look like this and i will be back now i'm going to go in with some yellow and some orange paint and i'm going to do a quick outline here of orange and the orange is really thick so if you're just 26 in it down always then your ear your paints down with water i use mine in a body mr. and that way it stays real fine and I can control it and it doesn't get all watery it's just a spray mist i missed it all the time that i'm working so i have the little lines the little circle drawn inside I'm just going to . in a little yellow Center and inside of that i'm going to do a lemon yellow . just to highlight I might even go over with a little daughter white but then i will be ready I'm going to lighten up with the with the mum lemon yellow white and yellow mixed together just push and pull up to marry it all and give it movement and give it just an extra little pop and I will be back and here is the end result is beautiful bright neon gorgeous fun summer design

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