DIY Flower Nails - Flower Nail Designs

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Flower Nail Designsi'm here with me we are going to start this tutorial is going to be a tropical neon floral tutorial that is going to be really bright i started with a clear OPI put it in neutral than a black wet and wild tip and then i went over the whole thing with this serenity by mdj creations because i'm waiting for my angel glitter in the mail.

I want it so bad and it hasn't got here yet so i'm going to use this and i love this and it's kind of like that it's an iridescent glitter that i put over the top and now I have all my paints out all the neons pink yellow blue green and I'm going to go and take the green straight up the front with my striping brush that's a little bit too thin so going to go through if the green is too thin a tiny little stripe of white to it and let it catch here let me show you what i'm doing on the paper on my palate see this was too thin i had used too much water and so I'm going to thicken it up with a tiny bit of white and just make sure that it's nice and perfect so we're going to try again i'm going to go up to the top and just kind of swirl it around like that you can barely see it this is so reflective let me get it a ton reflective place if you like that going to pull up you can cross them just like that ok then with my other liner brush and you can get both brushes at Robert Moses brushes @

DIY Flower Nails - Flower Nail Designs

I'm going to go in with that same green and I might add some black to it to darken it up but just add some leaves like this and then I'm going to add the yellow to the green and make like a lemon green color line green sorry lemon green and push in push push push and push white then yeah push push then on the tip just a little bit of white but coming out and when they're done you can see where i put them all different ways around the green areas so then next I am going to paint the nail yellow over-the-top the neon yellow that's going to pop these as neon then with the or with the pink neon pink i will go into that area into the center about halfway down and get the pink all in there and then it makes almost like a peach color doesn't quite turn orange it turns peach first so I'm going to let that dry so I'm going to add a little bit of neon purple right here it might get a little bit loud as there's going to be about seven puppies coming in to visit ok and compassion teesta has a way of finding animals and showing me no no she showed me so many animals so there is the purple in I put that right into the center's and now i'm using like this really beautiful cornflower blue and i'm mixing with a dark blue and I'm going in here so that's kind of swirl marble blue.

And i'm just going to add little clusters of blue dots like this what this does is it gives the impression that there are flowers in the background but also it pops the color up 11 degree so that we can be more rainbowy so so I'm going to finish that out ok i'm adding me know owner to having the top 10 I'm sorry I'm doing the tutorial but i'm adding order that's okay i'm at that's what my shop really is like okay so so I'm adding the reef oh my gosh i'm totally 3d hollow glitter in with the clear coat right here and now i have hollow glitter and i'm just going to put the Middle's of these flowers in with hollow glitter just to just Sparkle it up a little tiny bit like that in just a little bit here and there just to add a little bit of pizzazz like this boo alter the design and I'll cope ok and here is the end result of the neon glow in the dark let's see whoa tropical nails let me put let me put a light on it and let me show you that they're nyanyi and they are beautiful and bright and perfect for summer or anytime that you want to go on vacation even if you're not on vacation about every monday wednesday and friday i will see you back with more everybody have a great night

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