Black & gold fancy party striped nail art

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Striped nail art .  i got some party nails for you today and they're Hollow which means that you'll be the life of the party but before we get started I'd like to take a quick break and asked why so much hate you too like why so apparently people think I'm actually super annoying like really and on like you know I like so annoying and my voice is really annoying and that i'm going back and I've dealt with my share of hate on Instagram trust me and it's totally fine.

I don't care what you guys say but i thought i would give you a little instructional video because it appears to me that some people don't know how to operate their own computers so the trick is if you're highly annoyed by my voice in a video or highly annoyed by any video if you're using a pc that's a windows computer and you're not sure how to close the window that the annoying video is playing in just watch this video I've inserted this very useful link for you alternatively through using a mac here's another resource for you that shows you how to close a whole bunch of windows at once i really hope you guys take the time to check out these random videos because if you find me highly annoying that you should probably just close this stupid window now with that said no more complaining and just look at this hollow because go caller who look the most likely hollow everyone forgets my annoyed when they see this this is fun lacquer million-dollar dream and oh look at it it's golden follow and the back piece of jewellery you'll ever wear and it's on your meals which makes it even better this is what boys should be buying incredibly stupid gold rings and bracelets ok just tell them I really want this gold follow polish my fun laughter it's called million-dollar dream you can get it at the link below and simply no logical youtube video description so i always fun John my glitter polishes.

Black & gold fancy party striped nail art

So i can get maximum glitter payoff and to make the sponging protest a lot faster and easier if you just cover up your finger with simply peel look like latex barrier first you can watch my little video there if you haven't seen it already look it's dry when it's backhoes and I my name is sparkle I can tell the difference let's just watch this again oh yeah back in the bottle that's so good so I'm adding it on a sponge because the sponge actually absorbs the clear jelly and polish leaving more glitters behind now once upon a time like in the dark ages i made a video on this and it's highly embarrassing compared to my current videos you can watch it there if you really want to have a good laugh and how terrible my video quality is to be anyways that's where the original idea came from so you can see as you sponge it on the glitter stick a lot better and you've lost all of that potentially lumpy clear jelly in the polish itself because it went right up into the sponges button sorry spongebob peel off simply peel it feels so good and then you basically have gold bricks on your nails add a quick dry top coat because we're going to add nail finals next and then let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes so i'm using these stripes skinnies of their called nail vinyls from twinkle needs my code simply for ten percent off your entire order and i'm going to cut them in half so i don't waste too many because they're actually only a shorter version because this is my goal ok this is what i need to put on my nail.

So that I paint the opposite of it black so it's actually going to look like this one on the right but the pattern is like the one on the left so to make this twisted four-quadrant diagonal pattern thing I kind of just like sketch it out on a piece of paper first planned it that way and then I thought okay let's try it on my nails and their yeah I don't really know what you call this year but it's a quadrant of some sort who's not purple hollow so I just fill in the spaces of the gold now with a black polish using helped never mark and I'm removing the vinyls as they go so that the Polish doesn't dry too much and that i'm still peeling off the finals while the polish as wet as possible I can't take all the finals off yet though we still need like outlines around the inside where I'm pointing her to stay until they're all done yet I can't explain this just watching this where I get in I want of trying to explain things maybe I just shouldn't explain things anymore clean up any excess with an angled eyeliner brush and a stone and add your final glossy top coat so you can really let those hollow glitter shine and there you got what looks like a kind of quadrant paradox line thing that really know click of super stylish bumblebee this design would also look epic with the silver Hollow glitter i recommend these ones as one by one of your favorite Russian nail bloggers with epic photography fields I think if you just put hollow glitter on your nails and you don't even need to be rushin to take good pictures

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