Acrylic Nails With An Chanel No5 Inspired Design

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Acrylic Nails. I have another infield to show you these nails to have been on for three weeks and we had very minimal lifting apart from one out what she called in the back of a show and it did live quite a bit so I just went in and remove any of the excess of that so I'm going to go in and take down quite a bit of the bulk and i'm also going to go in and take down the length and reshape them slightly so it once I've done that as i said i'm going to go in and reshape these now's as they did lose a bit of their shape by its fine i just went in with the 190 grit and just fall in the site will slightly and reshape the fridge I'm going to go in and do this on all ten nails and then I'll meet you right back ok once so i created all of the shape im gonna going with my school clean drill bit from time . q SI and I do have links to this in the description box for like.

If you want to purchase it I'm just going in after i have pushed back the state calls and I'm just going to go in and remove any of the dead skin or dead it's cool that is attached to the nail plate you want to remove as much as their of this as you possibly can because this will minimize your lifting up to at least eighty percent so I do really really highly recommend getting one of these and all it literally does is it just scrapes any of the dead skin of the natural nail plate it does not harm the natural now plate whatsoever as long as you know you have to use your a file and then going to go in with my unbranded file from Aliexpress and I'm just going to go in and I'm going to etch the natural now that was growing out from the previous set just like ensure that I file one why I make sure that I get right in temporal crevices on the side walls to make sure that there is definitely an X there for the acrylic to your do to linger in the garden and just stop all of the nails and then going to clean up with my enemy so I feel plus i'm going to apply two coats of OPI bond eight and two coats of any so I super one primer and then going to go in and i'll be ready for my acrylic application so i only need the one of aid at the cuticle area and i used a medium-sized baby or iPad that out and brush that down over the whole entire Nile and smoothed out the excess as much as.

Acrylic Nails With An Chanel No5 Inspired Design

I possibly could r then go in and clean up the side walls because i hate it when he created when hanging over the edge of the now it it just drives me and sign and it will just make it harder for me to file I then decided that because i took quite a bit of the bulk down on these nows i did need to just add another small bait to the fre h and then brushed up into the apex i'm still using all nayo products and i'm still having no problems whatsoever and the brush I'm using is the alpha 10 oval brush are not a few of you have been saying to me that the brushes are very well priced but the shipping can be a bit expensive yes i do a hundred percent agree of that but also for the price of the brushes plus the shipping you would easily pay that for an expensive brush from a well-known brand anyway so I wouldn't really worry about it and they are absolutely amazing brushes to work with and I do highly recommend them I do prefer them over my organic nails and I've my crystal now is now as brushes so for me that's saying something especially as these brushes are really really well made and I cannot get over how cheap they are so on I have for a couple more so i know that i've got some so all will probably be doing a giveaway soon as well because i have winged one out with for ski crystals so keep your eyes peeled for that so once I've applied to acrylic I'm gonna go in and do all of my filing work then on the pinky and the index I'm going to go in with you scold madam crown jewel foolish in era and i'm going to apply two coats of this and cure each coat for 30 seconds in my LED lamp remember in to clean up any mess but unlike around the side walls and the cuticle area because you don't want it touching the skin because it doesn't look very nice but sometimes you just can't help each it happens it's just one of them things then on the ring finger the middle finger and the thumb I'm going to go in with this black gel polish from madam glam for the perfect black and I'm a gang gonna go in and apply two coats and thank you are in between each layer and then going with these 3d beats as these are a Chanel number 5 inspired now design and I'm just first going to put down some eibd builder gel and first we're going to put down the classic Chanel number five perfume bottle and they're going to make sure that i have a deed that very well and then i'll get my client pop haha into the lab very very carefully for 30 seconds.

I don't have I know LED lamp so i will show you a video of that in the near future then on the middle finger I'm gonna go in with some more builder gel and i'm just going to pop down this chanel gold now alloy and then i'm going to again get my client to cure that for 30 seconds in my lap I did over applied too much Joe build a girl so I just tried to scrape off so much as i possibly can and then I just went in and use that on the thumb so on the thumb we're again going to put down and now alloy and we're going to put down a gold bar and it has some a day for schools in it then I'm going to get my client to finally for this thumb in the lamp 30 seconds and then in the garden and a part of top coat and then that will be the finished design done .

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