Acrylic Nails, long stiletto along with Semilac UK Gel Polish review

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Acrylic Nails . i wanted to dedicate a video purely to some gel polishes that i received recently from cold semi lack and so which I going to a little bit more detail later on in my video so here I'm just creating my nails with a cover pink powder and liquid and I used tips today but I'm not putting any detail in today I'm going to leave you with these nails and a little bit of music and i will speak to you in a bit more detail later on ok so are filed and buffed my nails and now what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you these gel polishes that i received.

I've already used this one which is gold disco and i've used the base coat and topcoat two in one and what I'm going to use another one that they sent me and this one is called pink Rockets number double zero seven so i'm going to use these are now have already used the gold one but I wanted you to actually say and how beautiful these colors really are so wanted to dedicate a full video to them so they are from semi lack these are a company that are based in the UK and this UV gel polish I've heard a lot about this and round of now pop gel polish and I've had loads of people have used debt and I wanted to try them out for myself.

Acrylic Nails, long stiletto along with Semilac UK Gel Polish review

so I got in touch with them and i got these three colors so they are 799 a jail part the bottle and in them they're 77 million bottles here the delivery was absolutely super fast they were packaged really really well erupted upbringing it lay so it's really pleased now them none of them were damaged or anything like that so that's great so I'm going to just do a little bit of artwork on my nails with those gel polishes first off i'm just going to apply the base coat to my nails and I will cure that in the only deal at four thirty seconds so now i'm just going to use pink Rock here on my ring finger i'm going to use gold described yeah I should kill that in the LED lamp for 30 seconds ok so i'm just going to apply now at a second coat of ink rock kill that in the LED lamp for 30 seconds I'm just going to apply my top coat to those nails yeah yeah I feel that my LED lamp for 60 seconds ok so there are my nails all finished.

I'm just going to apply my cuticle oil as always my nature oil so and i really hope that you enjoyed my video i hope you were able to see how beautiful these gel polishes really are they are absolutely amazing so abused and obviously i've used the gold disco before I can't get enough of it it's amazing in the Sun it just sparkles like you would not believe it's brilliant and I've used it on my toes and then while my toenails sorry and I will put a picture up of what my toenails actually look like now had it under two weeks and they are still in pristine condition absolutely amazing the the colors the pink it went on so beautiful I just absolutely adore that color that is it's something I've not actually got so far I've not got anything that looks like this cholesterol I am so happy with this color and full coverage actually even with one count of gel polish I probably could have got away with one coat but I did tell you so that you are able to say because most people do two coats don't like so and i did two coats for you to say again the base coat and the top coat is the same I think more company should do this a two-in-one base and top coat like I say they're 799 a bottle you definitely should check these I because i had some amazing stuff about them about how wonderful the color is how long it lasts and yeah I just want to confirm that I totally it I'm on board with sammy black so yeah I will just apply my cuticle oil to my nails and I will put some pictures on at the end of this video so if you have any questions about this gel polish just send me a comment or leave me a comment and i will answer as soon as I can

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