Acrylic Nail Removal

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Acrylic Nail Removal. I'm going to show you guys how I remove my nails for a completely new design without having to sell my nails off now want to be making these types of videos this step-by-step videos because i know i don't go a lot into detail on my videos because they're mainly melted the nail design tutorials so and then also want the video to be way too long.

And you know certain steps are kind of repetitive so i have already started removing some of the three designs so basically what i do is i usually drill and this is a medium grit bit so let me go ahead and turn it on now this is what I do so the first thing I do is I pretty much create or carve out like a well.

Acrylic Nail Removal

I guess you could say on the news and this is so i can cut it off a lot easier and that risk they'll cut into my nails so the next thing I do it you know I use one of these or you can just use a regular you know mill clipper so I'm just going to go in and just and then I go back to my drills and just remember those sharp edges now once that's removed then I go ahead and file you know file off the rest of your permit the next thing i do once i'm done using the drill I'm just gonna go ahead and nail file and just even out you know the rest of the nail you know that little bit of a product that I have left go ahead and do that to all of my nails now I'm not filing into my notice is actually a thin layer of a car like i applied before i can give it a shape and done basically it then the last thing I do I'm just going to go ahead and spray my nails - you know any of that dust and then all i'm using is just equal parts water and alcohol so yeah that's basically what i do enough from here you can go ahead and start prepping the nails for your new set and that is it so hopefully you know this helped you guys.

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