5 DIY Nail Art Ideas From Instagram TESTED

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DIY Nail Art Ideas. five different nail art ideas that I've seen on youtube on Instagram just a bunch of designs and I feel like they make look super easy but when i try them they're just not as easy I decided to test them out a few things I've done in the past and they just did not go well and I decided to retry them and a bunch of my head just had never tried before so yeah you guys will get to see how those 1 i'm going to write them on three different things number one how easy they were number two they like clean up process and then the last thing and berating them on is of course like how they ended up looking see yea you guys will get to see kind of which ones turned out the buzz in which was just did not go well also before we get started.

I just want you guys know my nails are not like the prettiest like I don't try to like grow them out or anything I feel like they're a lot more like uncomfortable when you grow the mountain i prefer to actually have shorter nails so yeah just keep in mind that like my nails are the greatest and yeah let's go ahead and get started before we do the actual nail art on their prime my fingers by using a base coat and I'm just putting this on all my nails and then after that i'm going in with a white nail polish to a kind of is like the background for my nails design i was doing on my pinky finger didn't actually require a white base so i skipped that one but I painted for other ones so the person that we're doing is this spike / tighten our and this is what it's supposed to look like so I took three really bright colors and then I just put these in like stripes on my pinky nail and you're supposed to use like really thick coats that you could literally putting them together you'll see me in a second then you're just going to take a toothpick and drag it down through the nail polish and as you guys can see this is kind of what you need to use really thick layers of nail polish that they will drag my did end up looking exactly like the one in the photo but it still turned out ok i guess for clean up this design gets a 10 out of 10 because I didn't have to do anything for appearance I give it a six and attend because I didn't think it looks like amazing.

5 DIY Nail Art Ideas From Instagram TESTED

And I probably want to do this again but it did look fine and for simplicity I give us six to ten because you definitely have to make your coat stick for it to work but i'm pretty sure it's still like something that I think most people could do you hear the final ratings next I'm trying out this straw splatter and he'll art thing that supposed to look like this so i'm starting out with a white base and i'm putting some paper underneath my nail just that it will take the cleanup easier and then I was taking you strong as you guys can see I've tried this before but it didn't quite work that time so I'm taking the end without the nail polish in it and i am putting some nail polish in there and then I'm just blowing through the straw and of course i want everyone that wasn't my nails so I completely was my nail but one around it great so I'm trying that again and this time i literally just got to . and then some water on the paper which was really nine so i tried that again with some blue and I decided to go like a little bit more above my nail this time and it's still just did not work whatsoever so i tried again one final time with another blue color to see if it was just like the formula of the nail polish that wasn't working but this time it was even worse the nail polish won't even come out of the thing and I was trying so hard to get out of this draw and that's kind of how I left it did not turn out with the photo at all maybe you guys can get it but i definitely couldn't for clean up my game three at a time because you still have to clean up a bit and for appearance I give it a 10 out of 10 because you had no and for simplicity I give it two at a time because it was really hard for me and yeah i hear the final ratings this third design really reminds me of the flowers that you get like when you get a pedicure or something so i decided to try to replicate those so I'm taking the dying to live if you don't have one you can just use like a q-tip or a con butter whatever and I'm just piling on five dogs on to my nails you want to make sure they're super thick that's what I'm doing lost different layers and then i'm taking a toothpick and just blending them towards the center and having cities.

And then I was taking a sparkly nail polish and putting a . in the center and that was super simple the sun came out I thought it was like decent like it obviously wasn't perfect but I thought it was pretty good so for clean up this one get the town of 10 because no cleanup is required for appearance it gets an 8 out of 10 because it's definitely not perfect but i think it looks decent and wearable and for simplicity this wing is a 7 out of 10 because though is pretty simple was kind of difficult to blend the dots with the toothpick just because you have to make them super thick but yeah i hear the final ratings yeah the fourth design that we are trying is water marble here's what I've seen that look like on instagram and youtube I started out by filling up a couple of water just use any cop or container that you are ok with ruining and then I just took some nail polish and put it onto the water use going to want to like drop it on there and then it spread out using a toothpick because it wasn't spring on its own and then it took some pink and put that on top and this was not pretty at all so I kind of gave up and kind of twisted the colors up with my nail polish brush and then i went ahead and dip my finger in and the problem of the designs will probably like all over your finger since you've dipped into the nail polish so you really have to clean up a lot i just use a q-tip and kind of just went around and you don't clean everything but in the end it was fine i just going to take a lot longer for you to do this with all your nails and cleaned all them up but it was fine for this one and I think it looked pretty good in the end.

Definitely not exactly the one in the picture but it turned out fine in my opinion so clean up and give it two at a time because i didn't take me too long but i'm guessing if you did this to all your fingers would take forever and appearance again did not attend it didn't turn out exactly the picture but it was still pretty cool and for simplicity I gave is 6 out of 10 because it wasn't too hard like definitely not as hard as I've heard but it was still pretty difficult in my opinion to just spread all the colors and stuff but yeah i hear the final ratings this last design is like this plastic wrap marble thing so basically start out by putting some nail polish . like all over my nail and you want these to be pretty thick and i just did a bunch of different colors for this and then just going to take some like saran wrap / plastic wrap or whatever you call it and I just kind of presses on to my nail and try to create like a marble pattern that you just go ahead and peel it off well it's still what he should be left with a really cool design I was honestly really impressed with this that it didn't get over my nail at all which I was totally expecting I was thinking I was going to clean up a lot of nail polish after this and it kind of looks like a watercolor effect I thought was super cool so yeah I love this super clean up I give it a ten it was so much better than i expected i didn't have to do anything to clean up for a parent to give it a nine ten except that it was really cool and first imposed to give it an eight out of 10 because I thought I was pretty simple but you could possibly mess it up if you you know blended the colors together too much but all in all this one was definitely the best one and here the final ratings and her all the nail art like designs i did together on my fingers as you guys can see on the ring finger just kind of looks terrible about the rest turned out I think

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