5 Back To School DIY Easy Nail Art Designs

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Back To School DIY Easy Nail Art Designs . sandy and we're back with another back to school tutorial to get your nails ready for your first week back to class mirror and i will be showing you five easy and two designs inspired by traditional back to school symbols don't forget to subscribe and let us know down in the comments which design is your favorite as always start off with a base coat to protect your natural nails this will help to protect your nails from staining and it will prolong the life of your manicure let's get designing the first design is the top of the pencil to begin to start off by painting your nail with the yellow nail polish once it's dry stroke of pink polish across the top for an eraser then clean off any excess nail polish with a flat brush and nail polish remover.

Next take some orange nail polish and dip a small paintbrush into it draw three vertical lines coming down from the eraser you could also use an orange diaper for this then add a vertical line using a metallic silver polish between the eraser and the wood again clean up any excess polish and you're done so cute the next design is lined paper it's one of my all-time favorite back to school designs because it's so quick easy and cute for this design put your nail white and then is a long thin paint brush or a light blue striper and a bunch of thin horizontal lines across your nail give it a couple minutes to dry and then add a thin vertical pinkish orange line on the left side to complete it super cute and simple up next is the ruler nail begin by painting your nail with whatever color you'd like the ruler to be we chose purple once that's dry going with a darker shade of the color and add three short lines to the side of your nail with two even shorter ones in between those three use the small paintbrush again to add the numbers 1 2 3.

5 Back To School DIY Easy Nail Art Designs

Next to the longest lines take your time will you do this and have both hands rest on the table all done the fourth design is the classic apple is it common to give your teachers apples in your country let us know down in the comments start with a pale blue base and then add to curve strokes on to the tip of your nail for the top of the Apple using red polish then take some brown polish and add the stem of the Apple by drawing a little triangle for the leaf that an oval using a light green polish then you can adding some detail by outlining it with a darker green the final design is a school chalkboard begin with a black nail polish once tried add a little white acrylic feet onto some plastic or tin foil and then mix it with a little water to give a smooth and choc looking appearance using a tiny paintbrush write some math equations alphabet letters or doodles over the chalkboard all done finish off all of your designs with the top coat we added a mat one over all of the nails but you can also choose to use a glossy 1 i'll go if you opt for the glossy it would still be nice to do the mat on the top four male to give it a more realistic appearance

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