3D Cameo Acrylic Nail Art Design Tutorial

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3d cameo acrylic nail art tutorial by hot-pink zebra polish hi everyone so in today's video I'm going to be doing a 3d cameo it's kind of an interesting thought because a cameo is carved and so you're you're taking away ivory to reveal the design but in this case you're building it up which for some reason created a little bit of a mental block for me for a second it's like that got over it and I don't know what exactly what happened but it's kind of interesting that just to do it backwards from the way they would be traditionally made and so I had a lot of fun and it's good to have something that you have to get through sometimes a little creative roadblock it makes you learn something so i enjoyed this and I hope you enjoy the video and maybe try it out as well and don't forget to click Subscribe see my future videos as well so i'm going to begin with light blue car like I'm gonna sculpt the inside of my frame so this is where my figure is going to be sculpted on top of so with that light blue engine I'm going to be creating an oval straight and center of the nail.

And so I'm going to try to leave an even a little border around this light blue that's it depends on how big your nail is mine is probably about a quarter of an inch a big enough that you can paint a design within its so once you have that on any way you can or if you want to know if you can but if you want to if your oval isn't exactly how you want it you could take and you could file the outside of it just two perfect if you wanted I think mine is good enough especially since i'm going to be painting it and it'll get fixed up and touch up then and so if you want to file now would be the time and then after you're done with that you can go through with a darker color I chose purple and i'm going to be filling in my border and it doesn't matter if some of this purple goes on top of the light blue you can always file that off later and we feel that nice blue so over almost a circle it's not a circle that nice light blue oval and have a nice crisp line so then as i said i'm going to be filing it once that purple has set up and as you file your going to notice that your opal is going to start really taking shape and looking exactly how you wanted in the beginning so after you have that filed and revealed that nice line go through and encapsulate this nail with some clear acrylic this is all so we're going to want to build your nail structure so make sure that you have that nice apex form so this nail can be nice and strong once that has set i'm going to go through with a 188 file.

3D Cameo Acrylic Nail Art Design Tutorial

And I'm going to file it just to smooth it out in case there's any lumps bumps and perfections and once you have that smooth and as well as long as you're happy with its good then you can take a 100 or 240 grit had a buffer and just buff it away so let's get rid of any scratches that other finally have left behind and then with black gel paint i'm going to be painting a simple design as my frame around my cameo so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to outline the line between the blue and the purple which i knew i was going to do this which is why I didn't if my blue oval wasn't perfectly smooth and like I said flawless I wasn't too worried about it because i knew i was going to be adding this border and any small imperfections are going to be hidden away at this stage anyway so I didn't have to take the time to file it because you can't even tell anymore and then with that black gel after half the outline on the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to be painting a little simple rose this is a line rose at the very top of it and then a little swirl to either side of that and then a couple little polls going in towards the same direction as the swirl and so as i'm doing this i'm creating it and I'm going back and forth from side to side so that my design is even from left to right but then.

I'm also going to go through and I'm going to repeat my design pretty much exactly from the bottom going up so it's even from left to right and top to bottom so for starting with the rows then adding a swirl and then just a couple pulls in and adopt and besides everyone for the top but that's okay and then cure that halfway so for me it's 60 seconds in a UV light but you're just going to play with your gel and see how it goes but then i'm going to be rubbing on some chrome powder just to give that frame that nice shiny silver appearance and wipe away most of it throw that back in your lamp for the rest of the time and then wipe off through a little excess dust with a clean little piece of lint free towel apply some gel sealer and cure that once again so now what's your needle is fully cured i'm going to begin and i'm going to be sculpting my figure with white acrylic and as I'm doing this and trying to keep it relatively thin so that maybe some that blue can show through on the low spots which is also going to help with that appearance appearance a new word with the appearance of being a cameo and so it has that almost light translucency and depending on how will take your weight acrylic is you may want to mix in just a pinch of clear just to give it a little bit more of that like I said translucency so that a little bit of blue shows through and makes it have that cameo appearance and but for the most part acrylic isn't going to be so pigmented that even with a thin layer is going to be blocking out the color underneath it so I wasn't too worried about it and when it comes out what figure in what shape your figures in her pose and you can do anything you want really there are so many options if you do want it to look like a traditional cameo.

I would probably go through and I would look at a photo that you can get off the internet just to see what your options are maybe and base your design off of one of those and so that if you just look up cameo there are so many so so many different ones available so many different images and you want to have to do a full figures I did you could you just a face and you can put more detailing it to it if you wanted otherwise there are like a skeleton cameo would be really really cool or a mermaid are like I said sky's the limit practically there are so many different options and I decide to do a full figure and so I just when you're doing this way there's a lot of a lot of large detailed history of legs and arms and all that but the smaller details aren't there like her eyes and all those things which depending on what you find easiest to work with it might actually be easier even though you're doing all the small stuff that is actually the big stuff I don't know whatever you think but yeah especially with her dress make sure that you push your brush in so that a lot of that blue will show through and that will definitely help with that translucency issue but then after the fact the first layer down you know how your figure is posed go through and thicken up certain areas i'm going to thicken up her chest i'm going to add some more click over her arm that is towards towards the both of you were the one that's out further and also going to be adding a little bit more acrylic over her hair and then over that one like that once again is towards the camera and once you have that done.

I'm going to go through and i'm going to be highlighting it with diluted white paint this is another thing that for the areas that you want to appear thicker and more opaque it's going to increase the opacity by just adding some pigment in the form of paint and so I'm gonna do the edge of her dress to expression that towards the center like that her legs i'm going to add just a little bit more on and this is going to help some of the details stand out and be more apparent and white paint in general is going to be brighter of a white the white acrylic and so it's going to definitely highlight it and might just seem like you're putting weight on white what's the point but it does have its a slightly brighter color was gonna hide her face and her hair and then I'm going to be applying a matte top coat over the 3d cameo and you are all set one thing that you could do that i thought would be really pretty is to attach this nail to a ring base and then you have a little cameo ring that you made out of a nail and so i hope you like this design 

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