Hunger Games Nail Art

9:16:00 AM

Games Nail Art. this tutorial will show you how to easily create flame nail art like Katniss war on her nails during the hunger games so let's get this cute polish design started started with a base coat and paint all of your nails too thin coats of a black polish we are using a black background to represent the coal mines of district 12 next you'll need a plastic sandwich bag.

we are going to use this to help us easily create the flames on both of our hands use a white striper to draw the shape of a flame on the plastic bag draw three lines as shown here and then fill in the shape yeah yeah using a red striper outline the flame Oh yeah then use orange yeah I and finally fill in the final part with yellow create nine more.

Hunger Games Nail Art

And let them dry for an hour then peel them off if they do not peel off easily like this then wait an extra 30 minutes use either tweezers or your fingers to carefully place the flames over your black nails press down on the flames very gently to secure them on your nails Oh finish off with the fast drying top coat to smooth out your design and add a beautiful shine

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