Essie Gel Setter Nail Polish Review

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Essie Gel Setter Nail Polish. I'm looking to start my clothes I want to talk to you guys about the SC gel setter top coat it's new it's from SC and I know you guys know I have a love affair with Essie nail polish is there some of the only nail polish that I wore for a very long time they were the only nail polish friend that I would wear and I was obsessed with SEIU just by SE and there is really good SC and there's really bad as see when it comes to nail colors and across-the-board.

I had enjoyed all of them even the horrible ones at made it work and say yeah for a very long time that's all I war and then I started branching out into you like a starter Clayton should now once or i'd get like OPI raw really whenever something which give them to me as presents so I have other brands but as he remains my absolute favorite remains the one that I go to you when I'm looking for another like a new color there's a certain color have in mind I will look for it in the SE range or wait until s/he comes out with that kinda shade Sep anyway let me go ahead and get started three years I've used the SE good to go topcoat which is a great topcoat and its gets me through my weekends and when I see guess it's my weekend I have kind of a set way that.

Essie Gel Setter Nail Polish Review

I do my nail polish i paint my nails every Thursday or Friday and Friday typically is when I will do my nails and Thursday if I have something I need to you go to Thursday night audit as early as Thursday but Friday for sure and my nails typically will last through the weekend before the chip and it's very rare that they last any longer then Monday morning so usually by Monday I'm removing my nail polish and my nails are bare until I P again on Thursday or Friday and that sh just trying to get me to the weekend my nails look pretty for any event I go to you weddings and birthday parties anything like that and or just your dinner or just having pretty nails on the weekends and that's you know the majority in a time when I see people is on the weekends anyway so my nails always look nice am and then you like I said Monday I remove nail polish because by then search it's most certainly shit and we move on to the weekend.

so I repeat and it gives me two or three days hair nails am to hendrix you you know and let them treat and then I repeat and this was really neat because this came out and its that Joe center top coat and it says that it will make any at the st. nail polishes gel like in and Wednesday set in in appearance so I picked it up and along with that I bought this club guilty pleasures which its like a religious decree peak everything with this black background everything takes kinda but different cast looking orange cast but for reference I got this one this is war orange innocence more pink and you can see and this now plus on its own it has a very July consistencies got that Jolie kinda application to the males when you start with this it really does have that shale nail attacked now these nails are not fresh and I done this on purpose because they wanted to be able to share this with you guys these nails I painted last Thursday and it is Friday it has been a whole week and day and a look absolutely wonderful they have chipped I'm not going to say that they have not ship because they have chipped they have warned for sure I had a big chip right here on the edge and I painted a little bit more at this color on top because at my husband and I had a very important meeting yesterday and I didn't mean else to look at least so I did kinda touch them up a little bit but for that you can see where it's wearing away on the edges have that for the most part they work absolutely wonderful and I made it an entire week without having to remove or anything like that I would take them off because the church yesterday but like I said I wanted to make this video so I left them in that condition and they have done really well so I'm really impressed with this gel Center it sets my nails better than the kids go to top coat and it really does make it look jelly-like.

And I painted every male this color with the exception of my two ring fingers IP net orange color i sorry I think they wanted to see if the joe said it wouldn't work on any other nail polish color and it did a fabulous job on and non St formula so that was what I was after so there is what I wore on my nails this week in its as he's guilty pleasures the gel center and then so is Maya which is orgy color and these look very familiar like very you not familiar but very alike each other I'm ones orange ones peak Sep that's all I wanted to share with you guys just I discovered a new taco and I'm really excited about it got me to an entire week without having to and technical shopping reapply sheesh even with the future it's that I didn't have without this if I had just done a good to go I can guarantee you it by monday I would have had to remove because I would have been chips here you get wear a specially re: bangor maine ek stinker I'm from just things that you do around the house sir dishes are you know yard work or anything Indian opening a card sometimes is detrimental to our nails and say yeah I would have had to cover me that had it been and any other top coat and for likes this one it lasted me an entire week's am very happy with it it is a little bit more expensive than a normal SC its stench 99 is about 7 1998 99 depending on where you buy them and I think it's well worth it and I still had wanted to go and the Spurs much as I he's them he's the one topic every Nicholas Culler like this going to do it probably had three-year it hasn't even you it's still the same sense pretty crazy and see I'm gonna put it back into my nail polish case and this is just a nifty cosmetic case I find uses for these things all the time this one is like a final one this is what I pits my nail polishes area when I know the next color and an open-air I know you that's when paying my nails next and cannot take out the Eau Claire said today there is opis big apple red in there was my next to your place you know the topcoat or that Jul Center in this one-inch Alto thats in my bag prime going to be out here and I need to get my nails that color by outages points now the situation worse except that's what i do. and then that's what I know that time I nelson et San late next week Sep thank you so much for watching and I will talk to you guys later

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